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Doctor Who Collectible Minifigures- Series 1
Publié il y a 3 ans
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A series of Doctor Who CMFs I made for fun. I decided to make two sets of twenty because I couldn't narrow it down to sixteen. Each series follows a basic format of seven Doctors, one companion or enemy for each, and six additional characters, typically more companions. Please enjoy these brief bio/description things like LEGO usually writes up for the real series, plus some builder's notes peppered in:

First Doctor
"The least important things, sometimes, my dear boy, lead to the greatest discoveries."
Start your adventure with the First Doctor! Fly around in the miniature TARDIS or protect yourself from the South Pole chill with the included stocking cap! Includes stocking cap, walking stick, and mini TARDIS!
*Builder's Note: No significance for the mini TARDIS, I just wanted to give someone one and the 1st Doctor seemed like a deserving character.

Third Doctor
"Shoes. Must find my shoes!"
Help Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT save the Earth with the Third Doctor! Use the sonic screwdriver to do things!
*Builder's Note: I don't know much about the original series.

Fifth Doctor
"There's always something to look at if you open your eyes."
Travel through time and space with the Fifth Doctor! Enjoy some delicious celery- or perhaps wear it! But watch out for the devious Master... Includes celery stalk and sonic screwdriver.

Seventh Doctor
"You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies."
Defeat the evil Davros with the Seventh Doctor! Includes umbrella accessory.

Ninth Doctor
Begin the adventure again with the Ninth Doctor! Use the sonic screwdriver to break into somewhere, or just convince the guard to let you in with the psychic paper!
*BN: Psychic paper is black 1x2 tile printed with blank paper.

Eleventh Doctor
"I'm being incredibly clever up here, and there's no one to stand around looking impressed!"
Save the universe with the Eleventh Doctor! Use Handles' head to do something or stave off the Silence with the sonic screwdriver! But never answer the question: doctor who?
*BN: Handles' head is a Cyberman head printed with rust patterns.

Thirteenth Doctor
"Oh, brilliant!"
Regenerate into the Thirteenth Doctor! Includes sonic screwdriver accessory.
*BN: I don't know enough about her for a proper description... Appearance based on promotional photos.

Susan Foreman
"Time and relative dimension in space."
Accompany the First Doctor on the original adventures! I haven't seen a single one of those episodes! Includes Doctor Who theme music score tile, because why not!

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Help the Third Doctor and UNIT save the Earth! Includes gun accessory.

The Master
"A cosmos without the Doctor..."
Foil that meddling Doctor's plans with the Master! As portrayed by Robert Delgado.

"You are the destroyer of worlds!"
Invent the Daleks with Davros! Exterminate all other life-forms!
*BN: Ideally his cart would be a new mold or something...

Jack Harkness
"The police box kind of gives it away."
Earn your own spinoff with Jack Harkness! Never die! I can't write descriptions! Includes gun and Vortex Manipulator tile.
*BN: This would be a good minifigure on which to introduce a new trench coat cloth piece.

Mickey Smith
"The name's Mickey. Mickey Smith. Defending the Earth!"
Definitely not a plastic Auton! Pizza!

River Song
Get the Doctor under control with Professor River Song! Do some archaeology with the gun, or catch up with the Doctor with the TARDIS diary! Just don't let him peek inside- Spoilers!
*BN: Book printed with TARDIS pattern, tile inside printed with "SPOILERS!"

Amy Pond
"You are Mister Grumpy Face today."
Hook sentence! Mark each Silent you see with the Sharpie, or care for baby Melody- just don't let Madam Kovarian get her!
*BN: Head dual printed with tally mark face, lipstick piece has black tip to represent a marker.

Rory Williams
"I died and turned into a Roman. It's very distracting."
Protect the Pandorica with Rory! Use the sword to fend off would-be thieves, or mark Silents you see with the Sharpie!
*BN: see above

The Silence
"Silence will fall!"
What the?- There's no minifigure in this packet!
*BN: New Silence head mold, tile printed with the crack in the universe. Also includes lightning bolt. Good luck remembering you bought it...

Series 11 character
*BN: appearance based on cast photo. Accessories just picked arbitrarily.

S11 character.
*BN: see above

S11 character.
*BN: see above.
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