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31129-1: Majestic Tiger
Publié il y a 4 mois
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À propos
Kids can enjoy building a supercool tiger toy to display
Passionate animal fans aged 9+ will love to play out fun stories with this brilliant LEGO Creator 3in1 Majestic Tiger (31129). It features a brick-built tiger model with posable tail, legs, body, shoulders, head and jaw, and it can also change its facial expressions.

LEGO toys to fuel gripping imaginative play
At least 3 different build-and-play experiences are available to kids with this fantastic 3in1 toy set. They can build a posable tiger with a red bird, rebuild it into a posable red panda with bamboo and a bonsai tree, turn it into a koi fish with moving tail and flippers and water lilies, or delve into their imaginations to create another animal.

A digital experience for LEGO builders
The building set comes with interactive digital building instructions to make the building experience even more fun. Available in the free LEGO Building Instructions app for use on smartphones and tablets, the zoom and rotate tools help kids visualize the model as they build.

3 animal models in 1 set – LEGO fans can enjoy endless adventures with the Majestic Tiger (31129) building set featuring tiger toy, red panda and koi fish models

Endless play possibilities – Kids can choose their all-action animal story: stalking prey with a powerful tiger; climbing trees with a red panda; or underwater fun with a koi fish

Posable fun – The tiger toy can move its body, head, jaw, tail, legs and shoulders; the red panda can move its head, tail, legs, feet and ears; and the koi fish has a posable body, flippers and tail

Mini models – All 3 animals are accompanied by a smaller model.
The tiger has a red bird and jungle display; the red panda has a bonsai tree and bamboo; and the koi fish has water lilies

A rewarding build – This 755-piece building set lets kids aged 9 and up enjoy a rewarding building experience before animal playtime begins

Display model – Measuring over 5 in. (14 cm) high, 12 in. (33 cm) long and 2 in. (7 cm) wide, the Majestic Tiger is a great size for kids to show off in their bedroom

More 3in1 fun – Look out for other new-for-March-2022 LEGO Creator 3in1 sets including Super Robot (31124), Supersonic-jet (31126) and Dolphin and Turtle (31128)

Interactive digital building – Using the LEGO Building Instructions app, builders can zoom, rotate and visualize a digital version of their model on their smartphones and tablets

High quality – For more than 6 decades, LEGO bricks have been made to ensure they pull apart consistently every time

Safety assurance – LEGO building bricks meet stringent global safety standards


Missing Elements:

- 80808: ROOF TILE 1X2X2/3, NO. 29 - Missing Print
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21 commentaires
il y a 4 mois
don't look at the back (0_0)
il y a 4 mois
Nice build!
(I dunno why LEGO said put that piece in the back but hey, authenticity xD)
il y a 4 mois
I like it is cool and so are tiggers.
il y a 4 mois
MmMMMmmm u gotta love that booty lol its a great model tho
il y a 4 mois
dude every one shold look at the back
il y a 4 mois
@koneko i added a render i hope you dont mind
il y a 4 mois
il y a 4 mois
the rendering is kinda creepy tho
il y a 4 mois
well happy Tiger Year!

Ya.... in china we have zodiac signs and my zodiac sign is Tiger

I am not sure what ur zodiac sign though
il y a 4 mois
that's cool. In europe, we have the following zodiac signs: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius.
I don't know much about them, and I never really judged people based on their zodiac.
il y a 4 mois
Cool @leatho
il y a 4 mois
So much for majestic
il y a 3 mois
Erm... so majestic...
il y a 3 mois
*looks at the back* censor it, please
il y a 3 mois
No can do, I'm afraid
il y a 3 mois
it was meant as a joke, sorry. the butt is god damn hilarious!
il y a 3 mois
Don't worry, I know you were
il y a 2 jours
Beautiful ! This is a set of creator.
par Koneko
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