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I’m on ideas! Check me out! I'm a NERF collector and hydro dipper! I love MarshMello, EDM rules, and I love watching his music videos! I like What’s Inside, and drac, coop772, and many more awesome nerfers! I also love Alan walker and twenty one pilots! I’m a big fan of Nerf, and I really like buying parts off of BrickLink, I’m currently playing Boom Beach, and I love warships, a game in Boom Beach! Some of my friends on here are: And, I'm adding one! TWo, no, three! AwesomeBrix78! ApocalypticBrick! Bishop! Rubrickscube! Brickbot2.0! Lego_Lover! 1OBSIDIANFURY TG_ProductionsTM TheReformedCalcMan CJBricker10 And lots of others! Also, I recommend to get a new password for the new year!