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I am the average lego fan who enjoys life :), si there is a way to say it like TWFOL? ALF-WEL? well, I guess I am an ALF-WEL. That basically all you need to know BUT, if you want to know more, so I am going to tell you that I like Superheros Marvel+DC I like watching Netflix, I like Minecraft, Fortnite the avengers game and gaming in general. I also like cooking a bit. I like animals (I want a dog but cats are also cute), I like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and other books. I like creating stuff and drawing and pixel art... <This is becoming long>... I joined mecabricks cause I like lego, like crazy about it, and my friends are kind of annoyed by me always talking about lego so I came for a place where I can talk about lego how much that I want :). I like movies, like the MCU, I also watch the arrowverse (LOT, Flash, and Supergirl). I have two younger brothers and no pets (yet). Also, I like a bunch of other things probably that I didn't write... So, that is all. Enjoy from your ALF-WEL Jono_Guard