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Hi, I'm a 13yr old, TFOL, and a Christian who enjoys Building Legos, Participating in Lego ideas Contests & Activities, Reading, (My favorite series is the Wingfeather saga, my favorite book in the series is Monster in the Hollows) Sketching, Playing games, (My favorites are Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Maker 2, Hyrule Warriors, Animal Crossing New Horizons, and Minecraft) Writing, Watching movies, Drone flying, Fencing, Fishing, Nerf guns, and Painting. Thank you for checking out my Profile, Follow me and I'll follow you! Oh wait, that's a Lego ideas thing! anyway Friends on Mecabricks: @Redflame49, @Greenflame24, @Guitarman2, @Dragon_Rider06, @Lax_Swag5, @150880, @CTB, @Slimbrick, @LWproductions, @A7X, Hmm...…What do I write next, THX for checking out my profile!