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07.4 - Epilogue
Published 3 months ago
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07.4 - Epilogue

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Flash,” The_An0nym said, speaking into his headset.
“What is it?” Flash asked.
“Thank you for your help,” The_An0nym said.
“You’re welcome…” Flash hesitantly replied.
“You were a good friend,” The_An0nym stated.
“Thank you…? And what do you mean ‘were’?” Flash asked
“I want you to take over my account while I’m gone,” The_An0nym
“Wait, what?” Flash asked.
The_An0nym sighed, then said, ”Good bye,” and turned the device off. It was time for him to go. He walked towards the nearest Library portal, which took him a few hours. After finally reaching it, he stepped through, and found himself inside the familiar library he had visited a thousand times. Mayotron9’s cushion fort was still standing. The_An0nym walked past the shelves of books and into the maze. The maze of the internet. Not many knew this, but if you continued walking deeper and deeper into the library, you’d finally break through and go online. And that was exactly The_An0nym’s destination. He had debated if he should have told them that they would suffer a memory loss when returning to the real world, but had decided against it. This was the best way. Just as he reached the end of the world of Mecabricks, he paused. What if SlimBrick1 was right? What if there had been another way? What if The_An0nym could have changed the past and altered the future? The_An0nym shook his head and continued walking. . These thoughts wouldn’t help him rescue his siblings. He had a mission, and he intended to complete it. The last time he had tried this an error message had popped up, telling him his data wasn’t decodable. This time no such thing happened. The_An0nym felt his heart speeding up, his energy rising. He knew he couldn’t delay any longer to help his siblings, but also felt a sense of accomplishment. One adventure completed, two more to go, he thought to himself. And with those thoughts, he left Mecabricks.

[End of 07.4]

[End of Project |0]
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3 months ago
*standing ovation* Congratulations, bro! (You’ve done it at last!
3 months ago
Wow that's very moving!
Such a long way... Congratulations for this long and still constantly captivating story.
I'll have to re-read it entirely

So... Does it mean that you will change your username?
(and sigfig, apparently)
3 months ago
Justy - Who’s dancing now, “my puppet”?
3 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Thank you!!

General_Veers - Thanks!!
& I should probably reread it too, and fix some errors along the way

justyouraveragebuilder -
XD I might make a sequal
3 months ago
very very nice, I'm surprised, you were able to wrap everything up
, my deepest apologies that I was unable to congratulate earlier, its been quite busy here.
3 months ago
Fireblade28 - Thank you!!

legomaster6383 - Yeah...
I was just gonna ask if you could put me in there, but I guess I'm too late, but very good story, I read all of it, wow.

I'm amazed
2 months ago
Outlawious - Thanks!!

RevrendSuitor - Maybe next time!
& Thank you
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