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I am sorry....
Published 5 months ago
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I have been pretty busy, and…. I am so sorry I haven't been reading, or answering all my notifications. I usually have a couple hundred every couple hours or so... So it gets hard reading all of them. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes I answer all my PM's though. And any Discord stuff I try and read.

I am so sorry,

plus I need to update my friends model....

But I am really sorry, this probably won't change.

Besides I might update my friends sometime... winking face
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5 months ago
Wow! I did not realise you got that many notifications! I get max 150 over 12 hours at the moment! Usually less. Anyway, yeah I can see why you'd have a hard time responding to every comment, but you're a great user, keep it up!
5 months ago
Yeah, I did. Already subbed to you, L_L, CJ, Citrine, BB2.0, RW216, Citrine and Phantom_E! (Those are all my LEGO buddies I could find on YT.
5 months ago
You guys have been apologizing for the wierdest stuff lately...
5 months ago
okay...? Also I take offence to that 2nd tag
5 months ago
Yup, I just wanted to say why I wasn't really on MB much.
5 months ago
Oh, it's fine my Buddy!

(I already didn't Upload the Party on the Date it was supposed to be out!
4 months ago
It's okay dude!
3 months ago
Hey ApocalypticBrick, I've got a question and MOCmaster said that you might be able to answer it. I have noticed that when I render something, that the closer it is to the camera ( I will call it the camera ) the better it looks. And when the object is farther away from the camera, like when I create bigger projects, it looks kind of fuzzy. I am thinking of purchasing Blender Advanced. Do you think that will fix the problem?
3 months ago
@SnapStudios He only responds to PM's
3 months ago
Yo, @SnapStudios. I don't know what the prob is..... Is it in Blender? Or the Mecabricks rendering workshop?
3 months ago
It was in the Mecabricks rendering workshop, but now I have been trying to render in Blender using Blender Lite. But the problem is that I have not been able to find my project! Sorry about not sending you a private message. Someone said that you use Blender.
3 months ago
Yeah, uh, you could ask Citrine, but yeah, I haven't been doing much with Mecabricks or Blender lately, life is busy now...
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