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Time explorers
Published 4 weeks ago
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Name: Bolt
Team: Past
Age/Birthdate: June 7, 1894
Likes: Steampunk and guns
Dislikes: Modern tech
Hobbies: Fixing up his steampunk hover bike
Bio: Bolt grew up with few friends other than the ones he built. That's the one hing Bolt really likes doing- biulding steampunk contraptions. His best one yet is the Hover Moped, which he uses to go anywhere he wants and fight crime. But then one day Bolt disappeared and was only seen in random pionts in time with a group as strange as him. His whereabouts still remain a mystery to this day.
Extra Info: He is human
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4 weeks ago
You just copied Dat_Boi_Scopes' entry
4 weeks ago
Also change the torso
I think the torso's fine, but on another note, the definition of steampunk is something powered by steam that looks cool, so there probably wouldn't be any fire.
4 weeks ago
But the torso is the same as the one Dat_Boi_Scopes used. This model is a modified version of Dat_Boi_Scopes' entry for the time explorers
4 weeks ago
@Lax_Swag5 All has been forgiven. You just did something very nice!
4 weeks ago
The flying moped is for me only. Flying mopeds are supposed to be rare. Plus, the face is just my character’s face recolored. The pose needs to be changed too. Otherwise. It looks good!
4 weeks ago
You should probably make a bio
4 weeks ago
I think you did a great job!
@datboiscopes his face is not yours recolored and I think joebricks1 did a slightly better job than you when making his character and I think he has a better bio (not to cause anger I am just saying that I think he did a better job than you.
4 weeks ago
And that’s just my opinion
4 weeks ago
And it’s not like you patented the flying moped
4 weeks ago
@datboiscopes In teen titans go there is an episode where beast boy gets a moped and it can fly and I know that that was made before you made your entry for time explorers.
4 weeks ago
NINJACATZ, before he copied DBS’ entry and then he changed it. He also did not have a bio in it before
4 weeks ago
So he changed it to look less like DBS’s entry?
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