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07.1 - Vote
Published 3 months ago
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07.1 - Vote

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“What should we do?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“What do you mean?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“Well… we have to bring Anon to justice somehow. And it should be possible to somehow time travel and stop the system from transferring into one of our bodies…” WizardBuilds1 theorized.
“I don’t think we can mess with the portal like that… And Anon has control over it anyway,” SlimBrick1 said.
“Yeah… well we can’t just leave, since then one of us would have to stay behind, and I wouldn’t be able to live with that… leaving my friend behind just like that, I mean,” BlueFlame56 explained.
“We’ve got people literally dying here,” SlimBrick1 argued, gesturing to XYZextreme and Daedalus, whose conditions were getting worse.
“Well then, what do you propose?” SuperPup1 asked.
“I think it’d be a better idea that everyone leaves who can,” SlimBrick1 said. Everyone looked at him as if he had just said that one plus one equals three.
“Why would anyone do something that inhuman?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked.
“If I were the one who would have to stay behind, then I’d rather have you go home than risk your lives yet again,” SlimBrick1 said. Most of the group murmured in agreement with this statement.
“But then they’d have to fight Anon alone!” JetBlade argued.
“I don’t think Anon is that bad,” SlimBrick1 replied. Again, everyone looked at him as if he had just said that milk was red.
“What in the world is wrong with you?” Jaze_Dragon asked.
“Anon didn’t close the portal, right? He didn’t kill us when he had the chance, and he also helped us get this far,” SlimBrick1 said. All of the things he had just said were true, and the group realized this.
“So what’s your point?” Happy097 asked.
“My point is that Anon might help the person who has to stay to find a way back into their body,” SlimBrick1 explained.
“You think he’d do that? He’ll probably return to his own body as soon as this is over! He’ll wait until we’re gone and then go himself,” Duckduckguz argued. The_An0nym’s voice echoed through the hallways again.
“Just a warning: the portal will close in fifteen minutes,” he announced. Everyone in the group panicked, and it took them a while to regain order again.
“See! I told you he just wants us gone!” Duckduckguz exclaimed.
“This confirms nothing!” SlimBrick1 replied.
“Guys! Will you shut up!” ConnorLEGO shouted. Silence fell over the group
“Let’s put it to a vote, shall we?” he suggested. No one opposed to the idea, so ConnorLEGO took that as a yes.
“Raise your hands if you want to go through the portal,” ConnorLEGO said. SlimBrick1 was the first one to raise his hand. More and more hands went up into the air, but half of them remained down. Twelve hands were up. That was almost half.
“Who is against it?” ConnorLEGO asked. Again, twelve hands went up. There were twenty-five people, so one person hadn’t voted yet.
“Who didn’t vote?” ConnorLEGO asked. No one raised their hand. ConnorLEGO sighed.
“Could you repeat that?!” Happy097 asked.
“Who didn’t vote!” ConnorLEGO repeated, a bit louder. Happy097 looked at him, a confused expression on his face.
“When did we vote?” he asked. Groans sounded from the group.
“Whether we should go through the portal or not!” ConnorLEGO said loudly.
“Of course we should go through the portal,” Happy097 replied, not having heard that one of them had to stay behind.
“Then it’s settled,” ConnorLEGO sighed.
“Those who didn’t give their password to Anon can leave!” SlimBrick1 said loudly. FireBlade28, Galaxist, Cakery, BlueFlame56, YellowFlame37, and BrickAssassain7 stepped forward.
“Only so few?” BlueFlame56 asked, a bit disappointed.
“We could send BlackBlade with them,” Lax_Swag5 suggested.
“Why would we allow BlackBlade to go through the portal?” LoganLin asked.
“Maybe because he was brainwashed, just like me?” Lax_Swag5 replied.
“We should probably find out who he is first,” WizardBuilds1 said.
“Alright, let’s remove his helmet,”Lax_Swag5 said.
“Not possible, we already tried,” General_Veers replied.
“Let me guess: Before there was a giant crack in his helmet?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“Yes…” General_Veers replied, looking more closely to BlackBlade’s body. Cakery stepped closer to his body and grabbed the helmet, tearing a bigger hole as if it was made from paper, and surprised them all as they realized who had been deceiving and torturing them all this time...

[End of 07.1]
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3 months ago
You’ve going for 7 months!

(10 chapters per month, I suppose…
3 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Yes!
I'm proud of myself XD
3 months ago
Wish I could say the same about myself… :laughing;
3 months ago
Wish I could say the same about myself…
3 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Don't say that! You have plenty of reasons to be proud of yourself!!
3 months ago
An0n - Thanks! I mostly just need to work on my release dates...
3 months ago
Wiz - Me too
I sometimes post 2 chapters a day, or once a week
@The_An0nym...Why'd you like my project from 3 months ago? I mean, you have no context for why...I made it private, but simply, why'd you do it?
2 weeks ago
Just_a_casual_Plague_Doctor - I like a lot of models, because there are very many users on Mecabricks, and I think that each and every one of them deserves to be noticed!
It's quite fun to just like the most recent models published in the library, and it might encourage the new users to continue using Mecabricks and feel noticed!

Justy - Thanks!!

bricksandbones - Glad you're enjoying it!!
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