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05.6 - Playing with Doors
Published 2 months ago
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05.6 - Playing with Doors

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“We’re almost at the elevator!” Lego_Tron exclaimed.
“Is that supposed to calm me?” Mick4575 asked.
“Just move!” Digital_Guy_4 instructed. The purple figure was still on their heels.
“Come on buddy, just hold on a little longer,” Lego_Tron said to XYZextreme, who was leaning against him. XYZextreme’s condition was getting worse by the second. The_An0nym had teamed Mick4575 and Lego_Tron, who were in the possession of the package with XYZextreme and Digital_Guy_4. Shortly after a purple person followed them, injuring XYZextreme.
“Just a bit more!!” Lego_Tron shouted. The wall in front of them suddenly opened up, a figure appearing behind it.
“Who is that?” Digital_Guy_4 asked.
“XillComics,” YellowFlame37 replied.
“What is he doing here alone?” Mick4575 asked. They had almost closed the distance between them and XillComics.
“I have no idea; but apparently Anon knew what he was doing,” YellowFlame37 replied. The purple armored figure was getting closer.
“Just a bit more!” Lego_Tron murmured. They ran past XillComics without slowing. The purple figure was just a bit faster and grabbed Mick4575’s arm, while Mick4575 passed the threshold of the door. XillComics pressed a button and the doors instantly closed, squishing the purple armored arm. The group panted in exhaustion. There was a small gap in the door, since the arm of the purple armored figure was blocking it from closing completely. And he wasn’t exactly planning on letting go of Mick4575.
“Open the door!” the purple figure ordered.
“Don’t make me laugh,” XillComics replied. The purple figure took out his weapon and aimed for Mick4575’s head. Mick4575 couldn’t escape his tight grasp, and was trapped.
“Xill, open the door!” Lego_Tron urged.
“Alright, but on one condition; What is your name?” XillComics asked the purple figure.
“What kind of condition is that?!” Digital_Guy_4 exclaimed.
“PurplePirah; The system’s personal guard,” the purple figure replied. XillComics pressed a button, causing the doors to open. PurplePirah’s arm was free once again.
“Fools...” PurplePirah sighed, still pointing his gun towards Mick4575, and took a step forward. XillComics pressed the button again, and the door closed instantly again, squishing PurplePirah entirely. He had let go of Mick4575, but he still had his gun in his hand.
“Why…?” PurplePirah asked. XillComics pressed the button again, causing the door to open again.
“Because I just love buttons!” XillComics exclaimed, and repeatedly pressed the button, the door opening and closing instantly on command, while PurplePirah was being repeatedly squished. After XillComics had pushed the button for the 100th time, he deemed PurplePirah immobilized, and closed the doors one last time.
“Right; we can go now!” XillComics exclaimed happily. The rest became chills to how easily he had overpowered PurplePirah.

“And… Done! Now, remember; the first time you enter your new body it will hurt like… Let’s just say it won’t be pleasant,” The_An0nym explained. Daedalus neighed, eager to try out his new abilities.
“I’ll be in my office. When the pain has settled to a level where you can move again, be sure to visit me,” The_An0nym said, and left the workshop. Do you really think I can’t withstand a bit of pain? Daedalus thought, and began the process The_An0nym had explained to him in detail before. With his clumsy hooves he pressed into his data crystal, then hit enter with only a second's hesitation. If he had known what would have happened, he wouldn’t have been so eager to have pressed that button. A tsunami of pain rattled through him, making it feel like every nerve was exploding, while his lungs and heart were imploding. He was quite relieved when he fell unconscious. He hoped the pain would reside soon, but knew it would take a very long while to stop, if ever.

[End of 05.6]
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2 months ago
I love how you incorperatre humour into your chapters but still retain descriptive mastery and detail to every part of what's happening!
although PP isn't really closed in the door... does that mean he is in the process of being squished or, since he's being clipped on one side, was it a building typo?
2 months ago
You see, this how obi wan should hav beat anikan. Darth Vader would have never happened.
2 months ago
Justy - Thanks!!
& It is in the process of closing (Probably) XD

Happy097 - XD
2 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!!
1 month ago
Thank for saving my head back there @Xillcomics
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