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6769-1: Fort Legoredo
Published 5 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Set: 6769
Name: Fort Legoredo
Year released: 1996
Theme: Western
Subtheme: Cowboys

One of my favorite sets from the 90's smiling face with open mouth

Missing parts:
*71342 - Gold Minifig Accessory Bugle
*3856 - Window 1 x 2 x 3 Shutter

I will continue to update this whenever the missing parts are added to the parts library smiling face with open mouth
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744 pieces
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5 years ago
I was actually just working on the horses so you should find it in the library now.
3626bp62 is already there (3626ac)
5 years ago
Ah, thank you!

So, are there two different brown horses? I know there is one with a black face belt and one with a red face belt, but I didn't know they had 2 different brown colored bodies?
5 years ago
Nevermind, I just figured out that we have legacy colors available to choose from
so I fixed all my Reddish Browns to Earth Orange (as is what the bricks really are in the instructions)!
5 years ago
You need horses 75998a3, 75998a6 and 75998a1 for this set.
5 years ago
I think I have those.
5 years ago
Loved this set, so i did a render from it!
5 years ago
Nice job on the render, Darkstone! I added the stickers onto the parts and now all the figures have faces

Now we just need to wait for those missing parts to be added, and then you can really go to town on your renders
5 years ago
Hello, You shall use the small grid to correctly locate the sticker in front of the 1X6 bricks. For now, it is floating
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