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8154-1: Brick Street Customs
Published 3 years ago
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"Get your LEGO Racers tuned up and ready to drive at the Brick Street Customs racing garage! It's got everything you need, from the working car lift to the fill-up station, plus a tuner shop full of extra parts for your racers. Includes 7 tiny turbo racers and a flatbed transport truck with car-carrying trailer! Gas station has a drink machine, gas pumps, tire and oil cans! Work shop includes working car lift to inspect the car, spare tires, engine and more! Tractor trailer measures 13" (33cm) long! Racers measure 3" (8cm) long!"

Missing and replaced Parts (last updated 2017-04-03):
-Missing Part 30225.
-Missing Part 2335pb132.
-Missing Part 2431pb115.
-Missing Part 2431pb307.
-Missing Part 2431pb308L.
-Missing Part 2431pb308R.
-Missing Part 3002pb27.
-Missing Part 3010pb126L.
-Missing Part 3010pb126R.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0332.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0333.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0334.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0335.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0671.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0672.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0673.
-Missing Part 3069bpb351.
-Missing Part 3069bpb352.
-Missing Part 3069bpb353.
-Missing Part 45677pb034.
-Missing Part 54200pb059.
-Missing Part 54200pb060L.
-Missing Part 54200pb060R.
-Missing Part 54200pb062L.
-Missing Part 54200pb062R.
-Missing Part 6111pb021.
-All other stickered Parts not mentioned on Bricklink.

-Part 30027b replaced with Part 30027a.
-Part 30179 replaced with Part 60596.
-Part 30350 replaced with Part 30350b.
-Part 3139 replaced with Part 59895.
-Part 32064b replaced with Part 32064.
-Part 3684 replaced with Part 30499.
-Part 4265c replaced with Part 32123.
-Part 4599a replaced with Part 4599.
-Part 50945 replaced with Part 50951.
-Part 50946pb01 replaced with Part 10885.
-Part 6015 replaced with Part 87697.
-Part 6019 replaced with Part 61252.
-Part 60470 replaced with Part 60470b.
-Part x39c02 replaced with Part 60797c02.
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1024 pieces
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