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7646-1: ETX Alien Infiltraitor
Published 4 years ago
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"Careful, astronaut -- your scanners may deceive you! Piloted by an elite Alien Commander, the ETX Alien Infiltrator attacks the mining robot from the air in its sinister flight mode, then quickly converts into a combat walker to continue the fight on land. If human reinforcements arrive, another fast change and it escapes into the Martian sky! Includes alien, alien commander and 2 astronaut minifigures! Convert the attack ship into a combat walker! Attack ship measures 13"" long; when in combat walker mode its over 8"" tall! Open the mining robot to put an astronaut at the controls! Mining robot has a drill, tools and measures 4"" (10cm) tall!"

Missing and replaced Parts (last updated 2017-03-17):
-Missing Part 58845.
-Missing Part 61185.
-Missing Part 61680.
-Missing Part 62724.
-Missing Part 3069bpb423.
-Missing Part 32316pb018L.
-Missing Part 3626bpb0060.
-Missing Part 3678bpb087.
-Missing Part 4150pb064.
-Missing Part 4150pb081.
-Missing Part 4150pb132.
-Missing Part 42060pb19.
-Missing Part 42061pb19.
-Missing Part 44676pb009L.
-Missing Part 44676pb009R.
-Missing Part 45301pb021L.
-Missing Part 45301pb021R.
-Missing Part 58844pb01.
-Missing Part 58846pb08L.
-Missing Part 58846pb08R.
-Missing Part 62723pb01.

-Part 2446 replaced with Part 30124.
-Part 30350 replaced with Part 30350b.
-Part 3048b replaced with Part 3048c.
-Part 6019 replaced with Part 61252.
-Part 60470 replaced with Part 60470b.
-Part 6538c replaced with Part 59443.
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327 pieces
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2 years ago
Thank you for the amazing render!
2 years ago
Aw man. This brings back so much nostalgia. Mars Mission was awesome!
42 models | 9.3k views
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