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Mecabricks Legends, the Fire Brothers
Published 2 months ago
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Fire, flames, and fumes. Okay, if you mention one you kinda gotta mention the other. It’s the flames bros, the fire brothers, the guys that, even though they are related and seemingly very similar names, never really do anything together on Mecabricks
, maybe that’s not true, but whatever.

PyroKineticNinjaMaster: He’s smart, fun, bold, level headed, and could pretty much tell you anything about Ninjago you could ask for… or any story for that matter
. Pyro has been both and encouragement and a— OH MY WORD! I forgot to mention how good of a builder he is
… perhaps he should be considered a LEGO Ideas legend instead… but no matter. Pyro is a [I]really[/I] great guy, and he has longest username on here.

FlameBlade, or Wilder, for whatever it is currently
. He’s a great builder, even if he doesn’t post much… oh, and he also beats me at chess EVERY TIME! Okay, well, that’s not much, of an accomplishment… I’m not hard to beat… but in reality he is good at chess
. He’s a fun guy to hang around, and faithfully likes my models. I personally think he’s about to skyrocket in his views and likes, because I know he’s got it in him to do well.

Anyways, these are legends, and I’m extremely glad I’ve met them both. They’ve meant a lot to me, and I’m grateful for their help, encouragement, and friendliness.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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2 months ago
They both are legends!!
2 months ago
@Lax Without a doubt

@PyrokineticNinjaMaster You're welcome!!!


2 months ago
do you know them IRL? also nice!
2 months ago
@King No, I wish I do though
. They've really been awesome to hang out with on here, chess.com, LEGO Ideas... etc... etc... wait, actually, no etc's... those are the only places I've interacted with them
2 months ago
@KoE HUH!!! You've returned! Anyways, thanks
2 months ago
@KoA and KoE,
2 months ago
They truly are legends!
2 months ago
@Greenie, there was that time we tied were I let you take my queen, then both my rooks, then my knight,
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