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School for Magical Creatures: Chapter X
Published 1 year ago
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Every one of the three search groups came, first came Grupnog, Karmod, and Flappy, later Ivy and Charles came with Lila.

Flappy: Hello guys!

Grupnog: Who is the New kid?

Lila: I am Lila, I can Mr. Maack's niece.

Later Mr. Maack came with all the others.

Karmod: Mr. Maack! I see you also brought someone!

Aurora: I am Aurora, I am the last phoneix.

Charles: Sounds powerful! Welcome to the school

Mr. Maack: Lila?

Lila: Hi, I hoped you can join the school?

Mr. Maack: Of course, but with your father...

Lila: It will be fine.

Mr. Maack: Ok! Everyone here! So, I say that we should do some ghost training. Do not worry, the ghosts are under my control, you can see they are blue, so they are just for training. Ivy, Elinor, Ferti, why don't you start with Aurora and Lila.

Ivy: What are tour powers anyways?

Lila: You will see.

They entered a room and when the five of them were in the room closed with blue barriers, as ghosts appeared all around.

Elinor: Let's do it!

Ivy used plats to surround the ghost as a barrier, but they went right through it. Elinor backed Ivy with water. Lila used her magic to generate a field around the ghost which made their head explode.

Ferti: This is fun!

Ferti used her time manipulation powers to manipulate the ghost's life to create a paradox that drives it mad. But then all the ghosts turned glowing green.

Ivy: What is going on?

Aurora: I do not know, Maack?

Mr. Maack: There seems to be a problem, the ghosts are no longer in my control!

Elinor: Then let's fight it.

Ivy generated a shield made of plants while attacking the ghost, as Elinor jumped from one ghost to another. Ferti started to create a time field, but she failed and fell back. Ivy went toward her defending her. A ghost came right toward her way, as Aurora burned it in flames.

Lila: Stop!

All the ghosts turned purple and stop attacking them.

Ivy: What just happened?

Ferti: Did you just controlled these ghosts?

Lila: Well, my dad reached me that... Mr. Maack, do you think what I am thinking.

Mr. Maack: Yes! Students, that means that no one here is safe, Jerome is after us, and that means that he is learning the further powers of the stone.

Oliver: So what is the plan?

Mr. Maack: To stop him.
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