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05.4 - Shield Generator
Published 6 months ago
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05.4- Shield Generator

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“What just happened?” LoganLin asked. No reply.
“Logan! What just happened?” Duckduckguz asked. He was leaning against the hoverbike, his hand clutching his side.
“I think… I think… Nope, I have no clue,” LoganLin said. Duckduckguz approached the giant bacon heap.
“Should we get them out of there?” he asked.
“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” LoganLin replied. They both started to push bacon to the side, and couldn’t resist eating a few of them, even though they weren’t hungry. After digging for a long while they found BlackBlade’s hand. After a good deal of more digging they had set the entire body free. BlackBlade was lying still, which probably meant he was unconscious.
“Now, let’s see who is hiding under that helmet,” Duckduckguz murmured and firmly planted his hands onto BlackBlade’s helmet and started pulling. The helmet didn’t budge. It took a long while and a great deal of pulling until Duckduckguz gave up.
“What the flippin’ kind of glue did they use?” he asked himself.
“Just tie him up already!” LoganLin said. He was still standing by the bacon heap, digging out LegoMaster6383’s unconscious body. Duckduckguz did as told.

SuperPup1 stared at the giant machine before him.
“So this is the shield generator,” he observed.
“Great! Let’s get to work,” Happy097 said happily, and extended his rocket launcher.
“Whoa, calm down there! We need to find a safe place first to withstand the explosion,” BrickAssassain7 exclaimed.
“Nah, too lazy,” Happy097 replied and shot. A roaring fire and a loud bang followed shortly after. Fire swallowed up the entire shield generator, the sound waves making the floor and walls tremble. Light blinded them, and the ringing in their ears made it impossible to hear anything. It took a long while for the smoke to clear, and an even longer time for the ringing to stop.
“I told you that we should have found a safe spot first!” BrickAssassain7 yelled, his face cooked efficiently by the explosion.
“What!?” Happy097 yelled back.
“Whatever!” BrickAssassain7 replied.
“Guys! Look over here!” BlueFlame56 exclaimed. Everyone turned to BlueFlame56, then to where he was pointing; The fake BlackFlame49, the glitch. What they saw surprised all of them. BlackFlame49, screeching distorted, flickered, literally. His entire body appeared, disappeared, then appeared again. His screeching got louder and louder, to the point that everyone had to cover their ears to block out the noise, which didn’t work so well.
“Stop!” SuperPup1 ordered. Nothing happened. A figure from the hallways entered the room. His eyes were hazy, and pointed towards the glitch. It was only then that they realized who he was; BlackFlame49, the real one. Unfazed by the screams of the glitch he walked towards him. Something told SuperPup1 that he had to keep the glitch and the real one apart, but couldn’t move. BlackFlame49 stood now before the glitch. The lack of focus and presence in his eyes made it clear that he wasn’t conscious. He reached out to the glitch, the screeching getting louder. BlackFlame49’s fingers brushed the glitch’s forehead. The glitch disappeared, and Blackflame49 collapsed. Deathly silence ruled once more.
“What just happened?” SuperPup1 asked.
“No idea,” BrickAssassain7 replied. Happy097 was still clutching one of his ears, a pained expression on his face.
“What is wrong, Happy?” BlueFlame56 asked.
“I… I-I can’t hear in my left ear anymore,” Happy097 replied.
“Great! We got an unconscious body, a silent ghost, and someone half deaf! At least we got rid of the fake,” BrickAssassain7 exclaimed.
“Hey guys! Did you destroy the shield generator?” YellowFlame37 asked, surprising everyone. SuperPup1 glanced at the giant crater where the shield generator stood.
“Yup, efficiently cleared,” SuperPup1 replied.

[End of 05.4]
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6 months ago
Nice! Isn’t it strange how BlackFlame turned into a stick? (He must’ve glitched…
5 months ago
*strokes imaginary goatee*
I don't remember hearing about a shield generator...
has it been a while since you mentioned it?
5 months ago
And this, kids, is a perfect example of why rocket launchers should always be operated a safe distance from the target. Warning: don't try at home!

5 months ago
Although I have to say, the fake BlackFlame49 doesn't look like he's glitching, rather he looks like he's covered in slime and on steroids.
5 months ago
Justy - 05.1 (Remember the Anti-teleportation-shield-generator?)

Daedalus - Thanks!!
5 months ago
LegoMaster6383 - Yes
I just didn't know the proper reaction to reply to it
5 months ago
Haha, I already am hard of hearing, this was just the next step in my training.
5 months ago
Happy097 - Glad to know XD
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