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CMF: Fantastic Mr. Fox Series 1
Published 2 months ago
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A Collectible Minfigure Series featuring the characters from the stop motion delight:
(The heads could’ve turned out better, but I did the best I could).
Most animated movies play it safe, but FMF is… *waggles hands* Different.

1. Mr. Fox
2. Mrs. Fox
3. Ash
4. Kristofferson
5. Kylie Opossum
6. Rat
7. Coach Skip
8. Clive Badger
9. Agnes
10. Beaver’s Son
11. Stan Weasel*
12. Mrs. Bean**
13. Walter Boggis
14. Nathan Bunce
15. Franklin Bean***
16. Petey

*Voiced by the director, Wes Anderson.
**Couldn’t find a scary face for her.

***Bean’s character design was modelled after Roald Dahl, as a tribute to the author.
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2 months ago
Justy - The Hames movie was kind of boring, IMO.
2 months ago
Hey Wiz giving out another Idea due to the fact that you like the Burtonverse so much you should do a CMF for it I don't watch much of his stuff but you do so just throwing out another idea.
2 months ago
That movie was kind of weird, not gonna lie...
Nice figs, tho!
2 months ago
Coldplay - Good idea! (Maybe I will.
Avem - I first watched it when I was 11, and I was utterly confused.
(Too talky, I guess?)
But then I rewatched it recently, and it’s SOO much better than I remembered.
2 months ago
Coldplay - I still need to watch Beetlejuice, though. Then my “Burton spree” will be complete.
2 months ago
Check the “Roald Dahl” tag—I’m the only one who’s used it!
2 months ago
Avem - Wait, but don’t you like Rango? I assumed the same would go for FMF.
2 months ago
Yeah, but FMF was more... less western and less action-lacked than Rango, I guess. That and Rango was Johnny Depp, so...
2 months ago
I can’t argue with that—you’ve gotta love Johnny Depp.
2 months ago
oh i loved/love this movie! vulpis, vulpis. canis, lupis. i actually knew these before i watched this show.
2 months ago
Tails - Finally, someone who appreciates a wonderful movie!

(You are a Vulpes vulpus yourself, after all…
2 months ago
Yeah I liked that book!!* Never seen the movie though

*I think the fact I love foxes helped
2 months ago
Worriz - You can check the movie out on Disney+.
And yes, foxes are very cool!

(I’d recommend the book “Pax” by Sarah Pennypacker.
2 months ago
mr_worriz: wow a fellow lover of my kind.
2 months ago
Same here

Too many people give foxes a bad name nowadays

So it's nice to see fellow fox lover!!
2 months ago
Worriz - “Giving foxes a bad name”.
(Way to bring that subject up…)
2 months ago
(you know it would be kinda weird to dislike my own kind...)
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