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6986-1: Mission Commander
Published 5 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
And here's the Big Boy. I'm so proud of it.
Now the balance in the galaxy is restored and the Blacktron faction will no longer run free and unchecked.
Thanks again Scrubs for adding all the parts and decorations!
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498 pieces
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5 years ago
I keep thinking all these guys are missing their visors.
Nice work!
5 years ago
This ship is a beauty! It looks really nice with the decorations. You did a good job drawing them and making the missing parts

Who is keen for a render ?
5 years ago
@UmbraManis: I inspected this strange occurrence and it turns out that when you have two transparent objects on top of each other in the viewport, only the first is visible

@Scrubs: Once I start making some scenes, things will get real beautiful
5 years ago
I'm working on mine as well
when i saw the specific new parts i couldnt resist

but parts are missing in prisons (4625, 4857)
5 years ago
I've completed 4857 and Scrubs is probably going to add it soon.
As for 4625 - it has been there all along. Look it up again.
5 years ago
Both pieces are in the database now.

Regarding the issue with the transparent parts it is known but there aren't too much I can do. You can notice that under certain angles of the camera, the visor reappears. It is because the 3d engine doesn't know which transparent object to render first when one is inside. Sometimes the sorting algorithm works and sometimes not
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