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10276-1: Colosseum
Published 2 months ago
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Nowhere on Earth compares to the majesty of the Colosseum of Rome. So, get ready to escape your everyday life as you take on the biggest ever LEGO® build (as at November 2020) yet. This epic 9,036-piece Colosseum model depicts each part of the famous structure in great detail. Authentic detailing shows the northern part of the outer wall’s facade and its iconic arches. The model features 3 stories, adorned with columns of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders while the attic is decorated with Corinthian pilasters.

An awe-inspiring display piece
The LEGO Colosseum (10276) rests on an oval display base so the model can be seen from every aspect. It’s one of the biggest LEGO models ever but can easily be picked up, allowing you to look through the arches from all angles.

A building project to savor
The Colosseum is part of a collection of LEGO models for adults who love beautiful architecture and thoughtful design. It also makes a great gift for architecture enthusiasts and LEGO lovers.

• Bring to life your own brick-built model of the mighty Colosseum with this engaging and rewarding LEGO® Colosseum (10276) model kit for adults.
• With an astounding 9,036 pieces, this Colosseum model is the biggest LEGO® set ever (as at November 2020), providing hours of relaxation for adults who love building sets.
• Anyone with a passion for architecture models will appreciate the amazing detail packed into this Colosseum souvenir. With 3 stories, the model is adorned with columns of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders.
• If you’re looking for special gifts for architecture fans or history lovers, this building set is a great choice, providing hours of hands-on building experiences with a stunning Colosseum model to display.
• This Colosseum architecture model measures over 10.5” (27cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) wide and 23.5” (59cm) deep. With 9,036 pieces it’s one of the biggest LEGO® sets in the world, but is easy to lift and turn.
• The Romans didn’t need batteries and neither do you! This Colosseum model runs on the power of imagination – no batteries required.
• This model comes with coffee-table-style building instructions with design and history details to inspire you.
• Part of a series of inspiring LEGO® building sets designed for LEGO building fans, and hobbyists who love elegant design, beautiful architecture and models packed with detail.
• LEGO® building bricks meet the highest industry standards, which ensures they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily every time – it’s been that way since 1958.
• LEGO® bricks and pieces are rigorously tested to ensure that every building set meets the highest safety and quality standards, so you can be sure that this architectural model is designed to last.


Missing parts:
• 65803 - Technic, Brick 16 x 16 x 1 1/3 with Holes
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9141 pieces
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2 months ago
This was published a minute ago and still made the front page
Great job!
2 months ago
That's what happened to my 24 Hours Car, but it got buried with other models
2 months ago
It must take at least 5 sections just for the bottom workings to build this. Really cool!
2 months ago
How long did that take?!?!?
2 months ago
wow you made it!!!
2 months ago
@FredTed, about three afternoons.
2 months ago
That's fast!
2 months ago
This set looks incredible! Fantastic work, Stephan3321!
2 months ago
I expected this to take a while to load, but surprisingly it loaded in just about 10 seconds!
2 months ago
This is art, also front page go zoom
2 months ago
Surprised there's no renderings uploaded yet.
2 months ago
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, OH YES!!! Brilliant!
2 months ago
Definitely a dream set
2 months ago
@Stephan3321 "@joren" copy your work
2 months ago
Don't point that out on here. Do it on the persons who copied its model, so then they know that other people know.
2 months ago
Just as I did when you copied a MOC
2 months ago
Wow. That must have took ages. Get a life kiddo.
2 months ago
I'm guessing that was just a joke seeing that you do the same thing yourself.
Your comment looks rude to people who don’t know that.
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