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Mecabricks Stories #5
Published 5 months ago
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I am SnapStudio, and here is the fifth edition of Mecabricks Stories, where we reveal users’ stories for the very first time! Today we have two Mecabricks Users to interview, AwesomeBrix78, and lich_bricks.

First up is AwesomeBrix78's story!

I joined MB over a year ago after seeing some really cool builds made there, although I didn't really get into it until a while later. This was still so long ago that all the original users were pretty active and minifigure renders were allowed Anyways, I started messing around with it a little more and commenting on a few builds whenever i had some free time. Everyone I talked to seemed pretty nice, and one user in particular (TheCJbricker10) was really nice, and he and I quickly became as close to friends as 2 complete strangers who only ever talk over the internet could be XD Since then, I've met a lot of nice users, and even joined the MB discord server.

This user now has 32 models, 14 renderings, 6.6K views, and 368 likes.

Now for lich_bricks’ story!

That moment when you want to recall something and all you can think of is a blank wall. That is what I feel everything time I try to remember finding Mecabricks. I don't have a very good memory. I remember all of the things that you don't need to know and want to forget, like the moment you burnt you and your science book in year seven when using Bunsen Burners, and forget the things you need to remember, like your homework or your best mates birthday. So this is quite a challenge for me to try and remember. And also, with the lockdown, it has become harder to think, with all the extra work. So here is my story! I loved lego - I always have. Ever since I got my first Duplo sets as a toddler, i have been hooked. My parents kept telling me that I had too much - I left it all over the floor. But personally, I thought that my collection of over ten thousand bricks was nowhere near complete. I needed more - much more. And is entered Mecabricks. I have a massive collection of Lego books. Books of ideas for models, information on sets and figures, even stories about lego. But they don't come into this story. The one that I will tell you about today is the 2019 'the lego book'. It held all the knowledge of the famous building toy's origin. It held all of the knowledge of models that have been and of models yet to come. And it also told me of a certain website.

Now I know what you are going to say. 'It was mecabricks' I hear you cry! 'It is pretty obvious!' Well, if you think it was Mecabricks, then you are wrong.

When I was ten, and I got my first computer - a raspberry pi - i went on Lego Ideas for the first time. I was new back then and was still an amateur at computing. I resolved to stay behind the scenes, supporting and not revealing my face. I enjoyed looking at all of the competitions going on. And this is how mecabricks wandered into my life.

This user now has 129 models, sadly no renderings, 477 views, and 85 likes.

And there you have it folks, the eighth and ninth Mecabricks Stories! Stay tuned, because there is more to come!

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5 months ago
Oops! I completely forgot about that! It want finished!
5 months ago
Nice! (the couch changed colour again!)
5 months ago
Cool interview! When's yours SnapStudios?
5 months ago
Really enjoying these!
5 months ago
@lich_bricks, I will PM you about it.

@WakandanGecko7, Thank you!

@MrBrick, Hopefully soon, I am still waiting on MOCmasters' and Lego_lover's stories.

@Reb, glad to hear it, thank you!
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