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S.E. 5A WW1 Airplane
Published 5 years ago
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This model was posted on the LDD gallery by a user named SkunkEagle. I tweaked it a bit after importing it into MecaBricks. I imported this model into MB specificly for rendering it for my friends birthday.
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5 years ago
BTW I used Filmic Blender in the render.
5 years ago
Awesome render, very cool!
5 years ago
Very nice! @NGCHunger2, how'd you blur the prop?
5 years ago
@SafePit Just animate the prop in Blender with a high value and turn on Motion Blur.
5 years ago
Mildly nerding out right now -- the S.E. 5 is one of my favorite WWI airplanes and just massively underappreciated. Great rendering!
5 years ago
Wow! Nice render!
5 years ago
Thanks everyone!
Thank you zanna for your awesome tutorial on motion blur.
5 years ago
Well crud. So sorry NGCHunter2, total mistake on my part. Thanks for being a good sport about it and linking the tutorial.

MalMan35, really sorry about my mix up. Great render with a unique perspective.
5 years ago
That's amazing MalMan! Did you use particles for the dust? (I'm assuming that's what it is.)
5 years ago
Nice! It's AWESOME!
5 years ago
@SafePit No problem. Glad you liked it!

@Masman8675 Are you talking about the small white lines that go kinda outward from the plane? If you are then those were not even rendered. Here is the raw rendering (did a little compositing in blender though). https://goo.gl/photos/p4Hdzi9otU34ioRP6
In GIMP I did some color enhancing, zoom blurring, and the particle overlay. It was an image with particles and a black background. I put the particle overlay layer type as overlay (it looked the best), turned the opacity down, and used a Hardness 50 brushed eraser to remove parts I didn't want.
I hope that helps!

@Gideon26 Thanks bro!
5 years ago
@MalMan, yup, that's what I was talking about. Thanks!
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