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Published 2 months ago
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As soon as the cursor clicked on the first autofill query that lead me to mecabricks.com, I found myself on a dark platform, whizzing with blue lights. In front of me was an equally dark gate with a simplified lock placard placed smack in the crack of the doors. There was a distant buzzing. A small drone with thruster props and what appeared to be two small gun holes zipped through endless aisles of "walls" and appeared to me.
"Identification code," the drone buzzed.
I imputed my password.
"Object has been identified as Cakery," the bot droned. "Access granted."
The gates slowly but amusingly opened, but there was a buffer. I tried walking through the opening, but there was a mysterious red force field. A few letters scrambled about, forming a blunt message:
It then disappeared. The bot then relayed the following message:
"Unidentified objects roaming server. Firewall and IDS systems activated. Site temporarily unavailable."
Was Mecabricks being hacked?
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2 months ago
Did you ask Anon if you could write this?
2 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Nope!

Cakery - Although I do appreciate fans, I don't like others writing or contributing to my story without permission. But because I am so nice, you have been included in the next chapter, where there is a reference to this model: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7D0DDa0D
Please don't do this again without permission - Thanks!! (Also: I already have a few hasty plans of your Character design (https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/07vNROw3vAm)) & There is also a forum for people playing that have a virus. WizardBuilds1 knows more about this, and it was inspired by one of my story.
2 months ago
Okay! Sorry, I'll close this model after some time (which may or may not be precisely 2 days)!
2 months ago
Cakery - There is no need to since I included into the story.
But remember that this is an exception
2 months ago
*magnifying glass extrudes*
Okie dokie!
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