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School for Magical Creatures: Chapter VIII
Published 2 years ago
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Charles stood in front of Ivy, Ferti, and Sam. He did not know what to say, how to explain.

Charles: Mr. Maack lost the stone. He cannot travel through dimensions anymore unless the portals are still open. Not much.

Karmod: So we lost the battle.

Flappy: We may have not won the battle, but we can still win the war...

Karmod: Another thing, we are going to destroy the other stone.

Ivy: What? This is crazy? How we will travel?

Charles: Trust me, he will think about something.

Ferti: Why would he want to destroy the stone?

Charles told them. When they did not believe him. Karmod backed him up and Grupnog.

Sam: I cannot believe it.

Charles: Mr. Maack that he needs you and Ferti he is going with Oliver, Elinor, and Jack to get more help.

Karmod: Why can't we go too?

Gruopnog: Yeah we want to go too!

Charles: Because, we need to make sure which portals are open and which are not, so we are going to travel through a few dimensions to check and create a dimension-traveling map.

Grupnog: Well, as long as we going on a potential violent adventure, I am in.

Ferti and Sam went to Mr. Maack.

Mr. Maack: Come with me, I would like to do it as fast as possible so we can destroy the stone soon.

They all went through the portal.

Sam: What is this place?

Mr. Maack: This is the temple of phoenix. She can help us to win this thing.

Someone appeared from the shadows.

Carystus: You shall not pass.

Oliver: Are you serious?

Elinor: What do you want? Like who are you? Why do you smell that way?

Carystus: I am Carystus, son of Chiron and the protector of the phoenix. Also, I am dead, for 100,000 years.

Ferti: So, you are a zombie? Nice. I never met an undead.

Jack: We need to see the phoenix.

Carystus: This is only the place where she is reborn, she doesn't hang out here much.

Mr. Maack: We need her help, I am Maack, one of the ancient wizards, please, I need to see her. When was the last time she was here?

Carystus: One week ago.

Mr. Maack: Ferti, Sam. Do you think you can time travel all of us one week ago?

Sam: I don't think, it was hard when it was only Ivy for 10 minutes back, but all the six of us, I don't think so.

Ferti: I agree, time-traveling is hard.

Mr. Maack: Jack can you boost their abilities.

Jack: I Will do my best!

His eyes turned bright blue as the sky went dark for a few seconds.

Sam: Did it work?

Oliver: You know there is only one way to find out!

Sam and Ferti held hands, and together they traveled with everyone back in time.

Mr. Maack: Elinor, make a water shield, don't hold back.

Elinor did what Mr. Maack said as a giant firewall came toward them.

Elinor: What was that.

Mr. Maack: She is here.

Aurora: What are you doing here Maack?

Mr. Maack: Jerome stole the stone.

Aurora: look, I can help my dad with your war. You know that.

Mr. Maack: But now we are going to destroy the stone. Aurora, you know that Jerome is going to be worse than me.

Aurora: I will join, but not fight.

Jack: You do not understand! We need you.

Aurora: I know Jerome, but I and Jerome, and Maack are sibiling.

Oliver: So the devil created you?

Aurora: Yes, he created the phoenix as a special kind of wizard, well there once was more than one, now I am the only phoenix, for better or for worse.

Mr. Maack: She is the only one who did not care about the stone.

Aurora: I will go.

They all left back to the school.
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2 years ago
Son of action? Do you mean Chiron?
2 years ago
yeah, I must have mistyped that
2 years ago
P.S. Cool, but can you please change the colour of my arms to grey?
2 years ago
P.P.S. I thought no-one was allowed to be older than you, but OK!
2 years ago
This character is not older since she is reborn every 500 years
2 years ago
No, not her. You said I Carystus died 100 000 years ago.
2 years ago
Can you please change the colour of Carystus's arms to grey? It was my mistake, sorry, I fixed it on my model but can you please fix it on yours?
a few things about Aurora...
is Aurora a boy or a girl?
he/she said "I and Jerome, and Maack are brothers." but is mostly referenced as a "she." I'm confused.
does Aurora mayotron's character?
1 year ago
Oh, she is a girl, I just miswrote that
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