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Me for Armageddon!
Published 3 months ago
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Hello! Here I am for LegoWilderness' "Armageddon."

Name: Jaylor. (That's not my real name!)

Age: Around 15? 16? IDK, that's not my real age.

Quirks: Very sarcastic, bit of a control freak, and a jokester. Loves music, and plays piano. Is booksmart, and kinda likes to lord it over people sometimes. Oh, and he loves pizza.

Personality: Polite, but can lose his temper easily, and expresses it by becoming very sarcastic and annoyed. (As C.S. Lewis would put it, "Tiresome.")

I hope this works! Please don't reveal his face unless you absolutely have to. And, you can ask me for different outfits, as people don't wear the same thing every day. And if you need him to have a realistic skin color, he has light skin. Thanks!

God bless, 011 out.
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3 months ago
You're welcome!
1 week ago
I never even commented on this... Sorry about that

So, you'll be in Chapter 5
7 days ago
LW: It's fine! Also, cool! Thanks.
7 days ago
No problem! I'm finished with Chapter 4, but I'm building the model.
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