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06.2 - Story Time
Published 1 month ago
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06.2 - Story Time

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Why aren’t they coming closer?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked.
“I don’t know… Maybe the portal keeps them away from us?” BrickGuy suggested.
“Maybe…” ZekarLegoWarrior replied. The processors were standing still right before them and didn’t move. Around the corner General_Veers, LoganLin, Duckduckguz and BlackBlade appeared and apporached them.
“Why aren’t they moving? It’s making me nervous,” General_Veers said as he walked past them.
“We don’t know either… Maybe we’re in a safe zone?” ZekarLegoWarrior questioned.
“Sure… Why not? We already have everything else! A maniac who we can’t kill, a person who must stay near the maniac, and an overpowered ally who ran away and isn’t mentally stable!” Duckduckguz exclaimed.
“Don’t you dare call LegoMaster6383 mentally unstable,” General_Veers replied.
“Alright…” Duckduckguz sighed. BrickGuy and ZekarLegoWarrior couldn’t have been more confused, but decided not to ask any questions.
“Shouldn’t we already go through the portal?” General_Veers asked,”Get this over with?”
“Nah… We should wait for the others… Which reminds me; Did you also notice Anon’s abrupt silence?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked.
“What do you mean? We don’t really have any way of contacting him… BlackBlade took our communication devices and probably broke them… but our GPS worked, and showed us the way to you guys,” LoganLin explained.
“I hope he’s alright… It worries me that he won’t reply,” BrickGuy said.
“I’m sure he’s alright! He has the most experience of us all,” Duckduckguz said.
“True… since we’ll be here for a while, why don’t we tell eachother our adventures?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked.
“Sure, you go first,” General_Veers said.
“Alright… So we began by going through a secret entrance underground… There was surprisingly much more light than there was on the surface. Anyway; we snuck through the hallways with Anon’s ally, Flash.” ZekarLegoWarrior said.
“Wait, Flash? You mean the shadow? Wow… It was such a long time ago that I met him,” General_Veers exclaimed.
“You met him?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked.
“Yeah, he was the first shadow I met,” General_Veers explained.
“Who is Flash?” Duckduckguz asked.
“It’s a bit hard to explain… He’s some sort of imitation made by the system of the inactive user ‘Flash’,” General_Veers explained.
“Alright… Whatever. Please continue Zekar,” LoganLin said.
“Alright… So anyway; we went through the bright hallways, when we suddenly met BlackFlame49. At first, we thought it was our BlackFlame49, but Anon warned us from him, and made us avoid him for some reason. He suspected that he was a glitch or something.” ZekarLegoWarrior told them.
“BlackFlame49? You mean the one that tried to save me?” General_Veers asked.
“You mean the one that helped us defeat OrangeOnzil?” Duckduckguz asked.
“Uh… Who the flip is that? And maybe? I don’t know… Anyway; after a while Anon instructed Flash to go to his ‘answering machine’ and fix somethings, or something like that. So he left just right after… A few seconds later: Bam! A flipping guard approaches us, and comes with this huge sword! Anon told us to run, but our courageous Brick thought running away was for losers and took out his sword and stabbed the guard right in the chest!” ZekarLegoWarrior told.
“The sword got deflected and the guard slammed me into the wall,” BrickGuy continued.
“Anyways; Suddenly Jaze came out of the blue, with this weird armor and humongous gun and blasted the guards head away,” ZekarLegoWarrior said.
“Where is Jaze now?” Duckduckguz asked.
“We don’t know… He left after defeating the guard. He was Anon’s second ‘Ass’ or something,” BrickGuy answered. ZekarLegoWarrior began to laugh loudly.
“It’s ‘Ace’ not ‘Ass’!” he exclaimed.
“Oh… I thought he said… Nevermind,” BrickGuy sighed.
“So… As I was saying… After the guard incident we walked for hours until we arrived here, and here we have been ever since,” ZekarLegoWarrior finished.
“So… you just waited here? Is that all that you had to do?” LoganLin asked.
“Yup… pretty much,” ZekarLegoWarrior replied.
“So you just stood there and ‘protected’ the portal?” General_Veers asked.
“Yeah! Exactly!” BrickGuy answered.
“So… I don’t know if you guys did an incredibly good or bad job,” LoganLin replied, glancing at the army of processors behind them.

[End of 06.2]
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1 month ago
"it's ace!" part cracked me up,
1 month ago
KingofAce - XD
Glad to know my joke was funny
1 month ago
An0N’s SwEaRiNg nOw?!?!? (JK)

Anyway, good job as usual!
1 month ago
Justy - Yes he is!

Wiz -
1 month ago
yoooooooo sweet story but that cuss joke just ain't me bro! lol
1 month ago
ZekarTheFlame - Thanks!!
& Would you like me to change it?
1 month ago
yeah, that would be great man! thanks!
1 month ago
actually....nah you can leave it. But I wouldn't laugh.....much. I would probably ponder how weird that is.......and chuckle a little.
1 month ago
ZekarTheFlame - Alright XD & Good to know
7 days ago
what am i kidding? I would laugh loudly. TOTALLY.
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