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76178-1: Daily Bugle
Published 1 year ago
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LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle (76178) brings together a cast of 25 classic characters from the Spiderverse in a stunning build-and-display construction project for adults.

A 4-storey celebration of the Marvel Universe
Measuring over 32 in. (82 cm) high, this 3,772-piece recreation of the Daily Bugle office block provides a towering backdrop for an all-star cast of Marvel heroes and villains, many new to this set! The building is filled with authentic details, fascinating features and classic comic-book action – from the New York taxi cab outside to the penthouse office of the Bugle’s Editor in Chief. Marvel enthusiasts will find the model challenging but highly rewarding to build. Once it’s completed, the removable floors, roof and detachable facades reveal this Marvel tribute for all to admire.

LEGO brick model-making kits
Escape the busy world and immerse yourself in adult LEGO building sets – perfect for anyone with an interest in creative construction or comic-book culture.

  • LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle (76178) is the ultimate build-and-display project for adult Marvel enthusiasts, featuring an all-star cast of Marvel’s most celebrated heroes and villains.
  • 25 minifigures bring life to the set: Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Green Goblin, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Gwen, Mysterio, Sandman, Robbie Robertson, Firestar and many more!
  • 5 minifigures are new to this set – Blade the vampire hunter, J. Jonah Jameson, the owner of the Daily Bugle, Black Cat, Daredevil and Punisher. Also includes Spider-Man’s buggy.
  • Indulge your creative construction superpowers with this 3,772-piece recreation of the Daily Bugle office, bursting with authentic details, fascinating features and a spectacular superhero action.
  • This 4-storey celebration of the Marvel Universe is a rewarding build-and-display project for adult model-makers and fans of comic-book culture that will attract attention wherever it is displayed.
  • Measuring over 32 in. (82 cm) high, 10.5 in. (27 cm) wide and 10.5 in. (27 cm) deep, this impressive model is crammed to the rooftop with classic characters, realistic features and fun accessories.
  • Using the high-quality, easy-to-follow instructions, you can embark on this fascinating construction project as soon as you open the box.
  • The range of LEGO® sets created with adults in mind are designed to deliver a satisfying build-and-display experience that will captivate any model-making enthusiast.
  • LEGO® building kits meet rigorous industry quality standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart perfectly every time – it’s been that way since 1958.
  • LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analysed to make sure they meet stringent global safety standards.

Missing parts:
18395 - Wave Rounded Single with Pin (Flame)
18396 - Wave Rounded Double with Axle (Flame)
28376 - Lower Body, Swirling Rocks over Cone
35032 - Power Bursts All
36083 - Web Effects All
36452 - Minifigure Neck Bracket with 4 Angled Handles
37046 - Minifigure Cape Cloth, Straight Bottom with Single Top Hole
67095 - Tile, Round 3 x 3
73304 - Power Burst Figure Pedestal 5 x 5 x 2/3
74528 - Minifigure Headgear Hood Basic Smooth
88290 - Minifigure Scabbard for Two Katanas
+ prints and stickers
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3944 pieces
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1 year ago
@BRICK_FORGE I tought you guys will like this set
1 year ago
@AmyOak as far as I know, unfortunately I can’t use custom parts in official kits, but thank you for the offer!
1 year ago
My favorite detail is the exploding window with the Goblin Glider!
1 year ago
agreed, that broken window with the ball joints holding it in place is a great detail
1 year ago
Amazing job!

Fun fact: If you don’t like how the broken window is, there’s enough parts to put it back together.
1 year ago
Wow, I cannot believe that it will be possible to get this.
1 year ago
@Custom_Parts.com: I know! It’ll be so cool to have this!
1 year ago
@Batka, And you're definitely right! This has got to be one of my favorite sets,
and the figure selection is great!
1 year ago
Batka, Batka
He is amazing-ka?
He makes the best
Better than some others?
Here comes Batka
9 months ago
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jak ty to zrobiłeś?
9 months ago
8 months ago
Did you put spider noir in ther? i couldn't find em
7 months ago
spider-man parody
The Batka, the Batka
He has recreated a LEGO Set
It's cool can you see
Hopefully get lucky
Get up and congratulate him.
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