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Lord Sam Sinister with Black Top Hat
Published 4 months ago
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Lord Sam Sinister, (formerly known as Baron Von Baron/Barron, Sam Sanister/Sinister, Evil Eye and Mr. Hates) was the main villain from the Adventurers and Orient Expedition themes. He has a hook in place of his left hand, a pith hat (replaced by a top hat in 2003), a monocle or eyeglass, and a mustache (with small, pointed goatee in 2003), along with a scar on his left cheek. He generally wears a tan shirt, which slightly resembles Johnny Thunder's torso printing. Occasionally, Sinister wears a black version of the said shirt, with a white scarf sporting around his neck. Sinister competes with Johnny Thunder in all of the Adventurers sub-themes (except for the 1999 theme), for ancient artifacts and treasures from around the world.

Sam Sinister's Bio from the Orient Expedition website:

Lord Sinister is Johnny's arch enemy. He is selfish and evil, with no limits to his ambition or greed. He has a huge private collection of ancient and valuable treasures from around the world and is always on the hunt for more.

More Info Here: https://brickipedia.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Sam_Sinister

And for Nostalgia:

3381 Lord Sam Sinister
7409 Secret of the Tomb
7414 Elephant Caravan
7416 Emperor's Ship
7418 Scorpion Palace
7419 Dragon Fortress
7424 Black Cruiser
7417 Temple of Mount Everest
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4 months ago
I love the render! Quick Question, how did you do the cel-shading?
4 months ago
Here's what i did: (P.S. i use blender)
1: i removed everthing but the material output
2: then i add a Mulitiply set it to Mulitiply.
3: then i put the texture to Color 1.
for Color 2 i add a ColorRamp where i make it grey and pose (Pos) it to (0.704545) and white and pose (Pos) it to (0.740909)
4: then i add to the ColorRamp a Shander to RGB and for that one i add a Diffuse BSDF for last
5: as for the outlines is simple just ok to freestyle

hope it is not too complicated

thats how i do it : )
4 months ago
i mean press ok for freestyle
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