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School for Magical Creatures- Chapter XIII
Published 6 months ago
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They looked together at the students shocked.

The boy in the uniform came toward them to introduce them.
"I am John, I am half a centaur, half a human"
"I am Tiara. A human hybrid, with a cat. Are you our new classmates?"
Elinor looked at the class wondering what to say as Karmod quickly said "Yes I am Karmod, your new classmate."
"Great" John replied, "I did not know we are having new classmates."
"Well, here we are" Ivy interrupted awkwardly, "I am Ivy"
"Super-cool!" Said a girl with brown hair and colorful clothes "I am LIa, a shape-shifter"
"I am also Nicolas, and this is green guardian," Said a boy with a scarf as he pointed to a green and clack creature.
Karmod looked at the creature and said "Doesn't it look like Richard?"
Ivy shushed him.
Nicolas looked at them and said, "Really, you saw another guardian?"
"Yes," Karmod replied. There was a short silence until Karmod continued "So who are you?" He looked at a person with a giant eye instead of a face.
"I am Eric." He replied
Then Elinor screamed, "I am Elinor!"
"Nice to meet you Elinor" Eric replied.
Then a goblin in armor flew toward Flappy.
As Flappy looked at him the Goblin said "I am THOR! Worthy of the hammer, and who are you?"
"Flappy" Flappy replied quickly "And isn't THOR taller?"
The goblin's skin transformed from green to red as he screamed at Flappy "How dare you to question the one who is worthy of the hammer!"
John looked at Ivy's dog. "I see that you have a dog"
"Yes," Ivy replied.
"I do not like dogs, but pets are not allowed here, and therefore, you will need to put them in your room," Tiara told Ivy.
"Then where is my room?" Ivy asked
John looked at Ivy and said, "Currently you will not have a room, Jerome will assign you one."
Ivy looked at John and asked, "When he will come back?"
"I heard he is very busy right now," Goblin Thor told Ivy, "He is making sure the stone is safe from any other wizard."
John continued talking "He is busy, so until then I have an extra bed in my room so you can be there while Elinor, Karmod, and Flappy will be at the guest room."

Tiara left after showing Elinor Karmod and Flappy the room, it was big with green and pink decorations. They all settled in.
Elinor gathered everyone around and started talking "We need to know where Jerome has the stone!"
"Shhh" Karmod shushed her "Whisper"
"We can ask these people" Elinor whispered.
"I think that the goblin guy will maybe know" Flappy said"
"I wonder how it is going to Ivy... Also, do these students know that Jerome just wants power?" Karmod reminded them.
"I do not know..." Elinor said, "They seem nice"
"Thank you" They heard a voice from outside the door, it was Lia.
"How long have you been there?" Karmod asked nervously.
"I just came." Lia explained, "Believe me we are a great community, Jerome helped us all, he will also help you."
"Yeah," Elinor said awkwardly "I don't know"
"Believe me," Lia told them "Jerome is great! Right, Nicolas?"
"Yes!" Said Nicolas who just passed the hall with Green Guardian.
"OK, bye," Lia said and then quickly left the room.
"Are these people brainwashed or something?" Flappy asked.
"I don't know, all that I know is that the stone is better with us than with Jerome," Karmod told them.

Meanwhile, in John's room, Ivy and John chatted together.
"So, Ivy, how did Jerome find you?"
"I was left by my parents," Ivy told him.
"I am sorry for you," John told her.
"Don't be." Ivy stopped him "I found other people in my life"
"Are they also magic?" John asked her.
"Yes." Ivy said, "They are."
"Will they also come to the school?" John asked Ivy.
"I believe so," Ivy said, "I hope they are on their way."
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