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Me ~ TG's Movie
Published 1 month ago
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(Thanks, TG, for letting me in!)
This is my TG movie entry! While I was scrolling through the cast, I noticed a distinct lack of effective weapons! I mean, EVERBODY is bringing a sword! (Save a few...) SO, I figured I might as well come along and bring some FIREPOWER! (There's more in the backpack.)
So, thanks, TG. And, everyone else, I hope y'all enjoy it!
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1 month ago
Cool!smiling face with open mouth
My weapon is melee and ranged!
1 month ago
Thanks, guys!
@Lego_Lover: I'm glad you like it!
@MOCmaster: I just saw your melee weapon, it looks sweet! Can it fire? If not, I'll cover you while you go for the melee blast! winking face
@BrickBot2.0: Don't worry, in 4 years (when cyborgs attack in TG's movie) I got your back!
1 month ago
You're welcome!
And thanks, that's nice to know. And when the bad guys are right up close to us, I got yours. winking face
1 month ago
Thanks Lego_User!/You're welcome Lego_User!
Yes, it shoots stuff (Plasma energy) out the purple bit and cuts stuff with the sword on the end!
(kind of like a modern bayonet gun)
smiling face with open mouth
1 month ago
@BrickBot2.0: I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT! If the bad guys get close, I'm toast! I need to pack another weapon... or keep you around... winking face

@MOCmaster: That sounds awesome! And that makes more sense. Can't wait to see it in action! smiling face with open mouth
1 month ago
If you keep me around I'll keep you around. If they can hurt me from a distance, then I'm toast. winking face
1 month ago
You look great! What are ya going to do with the explosive though!?
1 month ago
@BrickBot2.0: I guess that's why TG wants a team! LOL! winking face

@CommanderBrick: I think the bad guys are robots. So, when I was selecting a weapon I noticed everyone had swords! ... THE ROBOTS ARE MADE OF METAL! So, I brought a gun... if that doesn't work... I pull out the EXTRA FIREPOWER! smiling face with open mouth
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