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04.8 - OrangeOnzil
Published 11 months ago
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04.8 - OrangeOnzil

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

Loganlin and Duckduckguz silently passed the hallways. Nothing was to be seen. They crossed Hallway for hallway, hoping not to be seen.
“We’re almost there,” Duckduckguz announced, and walked to a wall section having a sign saying: “Area-BU3”. LoganLin pressed the sign, and the wall opened. Inside they found multiple capsules, lined up. One was full of water.
“Is that…?” LegoLin began.
“Veers?” Duckduckguz asked. The wall closed, and footsteps echoed through the room.
“Yes. The one and only real one…” A voice said. Out of the shadows appeared an orange armored figure.
“Who are you?” Duckduckguz asked.
“OrangeOnzil, is what the system named me,” the orange figure replied.
“What are you doing to General_Veers?” LoganLin asked.
“The same they did to me,” the orange figure answered. It was only then, that Duckduckguz and LoganLin realized who was standing in front of them.

SuperPup1 and his crew crept past the prisons.
“Why do we have to be so quiet?” Happy097 asked. They had already freed most of their friends. The only ones who were still imprisoned were WizardBuilds1 and SlimBrick1. Lax_Swag5 hadn’t been found either in his cell, which worried SuperPup1.
“Because they might hear us,” BrickAssassain7 explained. They finally came to the cell SB1. SuperPup1 touched the sign as usual and the wall opened.
“What the…? Who is there?” A voice asked from within the cell.
“We’re here to save you,” Blueflame56 said. SlimBrick1 crept out of his cell.
“Did you see Lax?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“No… Do you know where he is?” SuperPup1 asked. SlimBrick1 looked down and didn’t reply. He didn’t say another word when they walked towards WizardBuilds1’s cell. He didn’t even ask questions when they had explained the entire situation to him. He was just there; silent like a grave. As they finally arrive at the cell ‘WB1’, the fake Blackflame49 coughed up to get everyone's attention.
“What is it?” BlueFlame56 asked while SuperPup1 opened the cell.
“Might I point out that what you’re doing here is going to be undone by the system in a few minutes?” the fake Blackflame49 said.
“Why do you–,” BlueFlame56 began.
“The cell is empty!” SuperPup1 exclaimed, interrupting BlueFlame56.
“Three… Two… One,” the fake Blackflame49 said. Nothing happened.
“Are you trying to scare us?” BrickAssassain7 asked.
“Why didn’t it work? They promised me! They promised…” Blackflame49 said, his voice growing more hopeless.
“What did they promise you?” Happy097 asked.
“Promised…” was all the fake Blackflame49 said. SuperPup1 didn’t like this.
“Tell us!” BrickAssassain7 ordered.
“No… Please don’t make me like him… Please don’t…” the fake Blackflame49 pleaded.
“Like who?” BlueFlame56 urged.
“Like… Like the 27 other shadows,” the fake Blackflame49 said.
“Who? What happened to them? Flippin’ flip! Tell us something!” SuperPup1 exclaimed.
“3… 6… 8… 3… 3… 6… 8… 3…” the fake Blackflame49 repeated, over and over again. SuperPup1 didn’t have a good feeling about this.
“Make him a deal; Say that you’ll protect him in return that he’ll tell us everything he knows,” The_An0nym crackled in SuperPup1’s ear.
“Roger… Hey, let’s make a deal,” SuperPup1 said. The fake BlackFlame49 looked up.
“If we protect you, will you tell us everything you know about the system and it’s minions and allies?” SuperPup1 asked. The fake Blackflame49 nodded.
“Good… Now tell us; Who don’t you want to become?”SuperPup1 asked.
“...Like project 3683; The first user the system caught. I don’t want to end up like the other shadows that were compressed…” The fake Blackflame49 said.
“Could you tell us more about this project?” BlueFlame56 urged.
“No… If I tell you everything I know I’ll be useless to you guys… As long as I keep my mouth shut you will have to keep me,” the fake BlackFlame49 said.

[End of 04.8]

Note; Onzil is a kind of throwing knive
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11 months ago
Cool chapter—and, hey! I learned a new word!
11 months ago
the story is really coming along! also, I went into editor, and OO is alctually PP!
oh, and knive? you mean knife?
11 months ago
justyouraveragebuilder - Thanks!! & I got their names confused the first time, so no, this isn't some secret plot development!

WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!!
& True XD
11 months ago
Justy - Oh, and yes, I do mean knife
Sorry, my mistake XD
11 months ago
legomaster6383 - Not telling
11 months ago
Awesome story @An0nym, as always!
11 months ago
me rembmers i wasnt the first one to be caught
11 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
11 months ago
11 months ago

I'M BACK Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!
11 months ago
Things are kind of making more sense....but not really. XD just kidding..
Awesome chapter!!
11 months ago
General_Veers - Thanks!!
11 months ago
11 months ago
Wait... maybe I’m dumb, but what part did I get freed in?
11 months ago
Happy097 - The cells were in alphabetical order, meaning that they freed you before coming to the cell "SB1". It was also indirectly stated in the sentence "They had already freed most of their friends"
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