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TG: Chapter II: CJ
Published 3 months ago
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After the tour, it was getting late, so I went to rent a hotel room. My room was No. 60, but some parts of the numbers broke off, so it kinda looked like "CJ". Before I went to bed, I tried to find The Neon Ninja on TV. Luckily, the TV had Roku, so I could catch up on all the episodes. I tried to remember which channel it was on. It was MBTV. It wasn't on Roku. Luckily, there was an instruction booklet on how to operate the TV. It said how to add and delete channels. There was a number of channels to choose from, the first one being MBTV. I entered the code, and MBTV popped up. I clicked on it, found the Neon Ninja, and went to episode one. I quickly got addicted. I wanted to be in the show. Luckily, the MBTV studio was near the hotel. But first, I went to bed.

In the morning, I walked to the studio. I found the place where they filmed The Neon Ninja, so I went there. But the door was locked. I knocked. Someone opened it. "What the heck man? We're in the middle of filming, get outta here!" he shouted. "Well, I was willing to pay you $100,000 as a character in a little scene, but I guess not..." I teased. "Wait, what? Well, come on in!" he said. There, I met the crew that worked on it, as well as the creator and main character of the show. His name was TheCJgamer10. "H- Hi." I said, excited. "Hey there." CJ said, "So I heard you wanted to be in a little scene. We'll get you all ready before we film the next shot."

They gave me a costume, I put it on, and they filmed the scene. It was fun. "That was some impressive acting," He said. "Tell me, what's your name?" I told him everything that happened. "Dear lord," he said, "I don't even know what to say. Well, since you're new here, why don't we be friends?"

I happily agreed.

Little did I know that this friendship would turn into a rivalry.

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3 months ago
Noice! I think phantoms story must be on there too! JK
3 months ago
Dear lord. "TheCJgamer10". My very first MB name. I've noticed I've only changed my name about...twice. First starts off with "TheCJgamer10" then goes to "TheCJbricker10", and now the one that's gonna stick forever...."TheSpyderBrick"
3 months ago
When will CJ try to kill you with words? XD

But nice story. Maybe in a decade you'll get a RBC origin story.
3 months ago
@Calc Well, there's the Mecabricks Discord Server talk show (I'm the co-host), Dr. Phil, MBNews, and loads more.

@CJ Yup. Enjoy the memories.

@IB Thanks.
3 months ago
Pretty good so far!
3 months ago


and i anly changed my name once. It was "brick8102" but it didnt stay for long. i quickly changed it to what u see now.
3 months ago
My name used to be "Exe_Sandbox".

Not. XD
3 months ago
Mine was always and always will be MOCmaster!
3 months ago
Mine has (as far as you will know) always been Rubrickscube and always will be. XD

Though I was actually honestly called "BrickFiesta", though the name was already taken on LEGO Ideas, so I just did Rubrickscube.

And I don't regret it.
3 months ago
@Rubrickscube Please keep your current one. I can't take a name like BrickFiesta seriously XD
3 months ago
XD I'll try to remember to change it for April 1st.
3 months ago
@Rubrickscube BrickFiesta? How you come up with that? And same with Rubrickscube?
by TG
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