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TIE Fighter Microfighter (Vandalized)
Published 7 months ago
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TIE Fighter from the season 1 finale of 2014 TV show Star Wars Rebels.

I was inspired to build this after seeing it as a skin for the Tie Fighter in Star Wars: Squadrons. That's probably gonna be the skin I get for it once I get enough currency (1,200).
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7 months ago
Not super accurate, but it's ok.
7 months ago
Thanks. I knew I wouldn't be able to get 100% accurate while keeping to the original design of the microfighter, but I'm happy with the way it turned out.
7 months ago
I was thinking of making one, except non-micro-sized.
7 months ago
That sounds cool. I'd love to see it when its done.
7 months ago
Another thing about the accuracy. I try not to fuse LEGO bricks with each other, so in other words, I like to make my designs actually buildable. I don't plan on actually building it, but it just came to me like that. I COULD try to make it a little better by doing this if you want, or if you're happy with how it is now, I'll keep it.
7 months ago
Whatever you want! It'll take a while for me though because I have to build the whole TIE first, and then recolor it.
7 months ago
I know the feeling. But hey, at least it's not a Death Star!
7 months ago
True! Do you watch Star Wars Rebels?
7 months ago
I watched when it aired on Disney XD and I still like to rewatch episodes on Disney +.
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