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01.6 - Brickster
Published 2 months ago
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01.6 - Brickster

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here:https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

SlimBrick1 sighted the outline of the figure first. SuperPup1 had some trouble spotting the figure. Just when he thought he saw the fague outline of one SlimBrick1 announced that there were two more figures behind the one he spotted first.
“Do you think that they are users?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Let’s find out! And if not, we can always Eliminate them the same way we did to those processors,” SlimBrick1 replied, remembering how quickly he had sliced those two processors with his scythe. It didn’t take long before they saw that the leading figure wasn’t someone they knew. However the two behind him were easily distinguishable. The two figures were XillComics and Lax_Swag5. This immidiatly reminded SlimBrick1 to the stupid mistake he had done back at The_An0nym’s bunker.
“Who are you?” SuperPup1 asked the leading figure, who had a black armour.
“I am Brickster,” the figure said.
“Slimmy?” Lax_Swag5 asked just a few moments later.
“Hi,” SlimBrick1 mumbled.
“BatDog?” XillComics asked, still not sure if it was really him.
“I actually changed my username to SuperPup1 a while ago,” SuperPup1 said.
“Oh,” XillComics said.
“Anyway,” Brickster interrupted,”Did you already meet Anon?”
“Yeah, why?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“Oh no… How could you have been so… Ugh,” Brickster said.
“What do you mean?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Let me explain. Anon is a puppet of the system,” Brickster began.
“Wait, what?!” SlimBrick1 asked, interrupting Brickster. SuperPup1 placed his hand on his weapon.
“Like I said, let me explain! He is part of the system trying to study you. As long as you didn’t tell him your password, you should be fine,” Brickster said.
“Well… we didn’t tell him our passwords, but we did give him data crystals that had already our account opened,” SuperPup1 said.
“Oh… Then you are doomed unless you recover the data crystals from Anon,” Brickster said.
“But wait… Do you have any proof that he is evil?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“Yes. I assume that you have enhanced physical abilities, right? That is the system’s doing. And have you ever wondered why he hasn’t just commented or asked for help while he was stuck here? That’s because he is part of the system,” Brickster explained. SlimBrick1 and SuperPup1 realized that everything spoke against The_An0nym. They had been fooled by him.
“I don’t know the way back to him,” SlimBrick1 said. If they couldn’t retrieve those data crystals they might die, if not worse.
“I do!” SuperPup1 said, and took out his tracker that Flash had given him days ago. He turned the device on, but the tracker didn’t work.
“Weird,” he said.
“As I said, he is part of the system. He probably turned his tracker off,” Brickster said.
“Can’t we track him another way?” XillComics asked.
“Well… Did he give you a device? For communication or something,” Brickster asked.
“Yes,” SuperPup1 said, and handed him the device The_An0nym had given him for communicating. Brickster threw it on the floor so that its hull broke. Storage cards filled with programm spilled out on the floor. In the middle of them a small, blinking device came to light.
“What is that?” Lax_Swag5 asked before SlimBrick1 could.
“A tracker. If we retrace the signal back to Anon, we’ll find his base,” Brickster said and shoved the little tracker into SuperPup1’s and pressed a few buttons. SuperPup1’s tracker now showed the location of The_An0nym. SuperPup1 was impressed by Brickster’s handiwork.
“Who is Anon?” XillComics suddenly asked. The question must have bothered him for some time now.
“The_An0nym,” SlimBrick1 replied.

The_An0nym finally thought that he had figured out the reason why the system had purposely activated the firewall and IDS. The last time the IDS and firewall had activated, which was a year ago, the system lost one fourth of all its resources. Both shadows and The_An0nym had feared for their lives. The firewall sometimes randomly appeared and moved across large areas. The large fire wall destroyed everything except program. Since the system wasn't an official program, it was also endangered. The floor and everything else that was black or neon-light-blue was program. That much The_An0nym had figured out over the years. IDS were humanoid bots, slower than firewalls, but more precise. The_An0nym himself couldn’t destroy even a single one of them. It was just until a few moments ago that The_An0nym had remembered a short outtake of a security camera tape located in the system’s heart. He had hacked it a few months ago. It showed the production of a data guard prototype, based off IDS bot. The system probably needed one IDS bot so that it could study it and perfect its guards. The_An0nym had fought against a prototype once, but it wasn’t even half as strong as an IDS bot. The system had probably pulled in a user with a sig-fig that wasn’t a real minifigure, but something exceeding that format. It probably also knew where the user would be and sent an old data processor to the user. The old processor was probably still connected to the original system, who then activated the firewall and IDS because it sensed an unidentified object. The difference between the original system and the new system was that the original system was actually defenseless itself and needed a firewall and IDS while the newer system had its own defense system. The_An0nym hoped that none of his colleagues would meet an IDS bot.

[End of 01.6]

IDS = Intrusion Detection System
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2 months ago
Nice plot twist and an AMAZING chapter as always!
2 months ago
I will read it a second time to be sure that I understood everything
2 months ago
General_Veers - Thanks!! & Yeah... Some parts are complicated...
2 months ago
I believe that Brickster has been misinformed, and got his information from someone else that is a villain.
2 months ago
Interesting theory... He wants to have us fight against each other!!
2 months ago
Oh no the Corrupter has powers to corrupt anyone and brickster is full black. The only way to show that Corrupter isn't behind this is to remove brickster's mask
2 months ago
[b]Brickster: N-O NO just stop asking
Brickster: NO
2 months ago
I don’t want to be mean but that’s not even a part of the story, Mick.
Neither is this “_The_Master_” stuff or anything on the glitch forum, that’s just something we came up with after being inspired by Anon’s story, so…
I don’t want to pick on you or anything, but putting stuff like that here just doesn’t make sense.
2 months ago
Corrupter was before gltichy forum thingy
2 months ago
*eyeroll* Alright, I’ll just let Anon decide—it’s his model.
2 months ago
Br1ckGu5y - Thanks!!

XillComics -
2 months ago
Anon is staying strangely silent… maybe he didn’t actually betray us…
2 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
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