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75309-1: Republic Gunship
Published 3 months ago
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Spark memories of the epic Battle of Geonosis in Star Wars: The Clone Wars with this Ultimate Collector Series build-and-display model of a Republic Gunship (75309). Authentic features of a Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT) vehicle are beautifully reproduced in LEGO® bricks, including the pilot cockpits, swing-out spherical gun turrets, 2 cannons on top, super-long wings, opening sides and rear hatch and interior details.

First choice for LEGO fans
Voted for by LEGO fans to become an Ultimate Collector Series set, this awesome buildable model has a display stand with an information plaque, plus Clone Trooper Commander and Mace Windu LEGO minifigures. Step-by-step instructions are included so you can immerse yourself in the building challenge and enjoy the fun, creative process.

Impressive gift
Part of a collection of LEGO Star Wars™ building kits for adults, this premium-quality set makes a special gift for yourself, Star Wars enthusiasts or passionate LEGO fans in your life.

• Enjoy quality time creating the first-ever Ultimate Collector Series version of a Republic Gunship (75309), just like those seen during the Battle of Geonosis in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
• This build-and-display model is packed with authentic features including 2 pilot cockpits, swing-out spherical gun turrets, 2 cannons, super-long wings and opening sides and rear hatch.
• The display stand has an information plaque and spaces for 2 included LEGO® Star Wars™ minifigures: Clone Trooper Commander with a blaster and Mace Windu with a lightsaber.
• The Star Wars™ Republic Gunship was voted for by LEGO® fans as their top choice to become the next Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set in an online poll. So, by popular demand, here it is!
• This premium-quality set offers an immersive, rewarding building challenge and makes the best birthday or holiday gift for yourself, a devoted Star Wars™ fan or passionate LEGO® enthusiast.
• Measuring over 13 in. (33 cm) high, 27 in. (68 cm) long and 29 in. (74 cm) wide, including the stand, this is a LEGO® Star Wars™ collectible you’ll want to photograph and share with others.
• This 3,292-piece building kit comes with illustrated, step-by-step instructions so even a Star Wars™ fan who is a newcomer to LEGO® sets can take on the complex build with confidence.
• This LEGO® Star Wars™ set for adults is part of a collection of building kits designed for you, the discerning hobbyist, who enjoys hands-on, creative DIY projects to unwind in your spare time.
• LEGO® components comply with stringent industry standards, meaning they are consistent, compatible and connect securely for robust builds.
• LEGO® bricks and pieces are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to ensure that they satisfy rigorous global safety standards.


Missing parts:
• 49716 - Hinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 1 Finger on Side without Bottom Groove
• 65304 - Technic Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Stop Bush [No Ridge Near Rim]
• 54657 - Hinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 2 Fingers on End and 7 Teeth without Bottom Groove
• 50340 - Hinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 2 Fingers on Side and 7 Teeth
• 43045 - Hinge Plate 2 x 4 with Pin Hole and 2 Holes - Top
• 43056 - Hinge Plate 2 x 4 with Pin Hole and 2 Holes - Bottom
• 65617 - Brick, Round Corner 3 x 3 x 1 without Studs
• 67440 - Slope, Inverted 60 4 x 1 x 3

Missing prints:
• 3626cpb2651 - Nougat Minifigure, Head Black Eyebrows, White Pupils, Cheek Lines, Chin Dimple, Frown Pattern - Hollow Stud [6308125]
• [6346773] - Reddish Brown Minifig Head Mace Windu, Cheek Lines, Angry Print
• [6346770] - Dark Tan MINI LOWER PART, NO. 2144
• [6359105] - Dark Tan MINI UPPER PART, NO. 5762
• [6346766] - Trans-Clear Windscreen 10 x 6 x 3 Bubble Canopy Double Tapered with Square Front Cutout and Dark Red Cockpit Print
• [6346767] - Trans-Clear Windscreen 10 x 6 x 3 Bubble Canopy Double Tapered with Square Front Cutout and Dark Red Dual Cockpit Print
• [6346768] - Trans-Clear Windscreen 6 x 6 x 3 Canopy Half Sphere with Dual 2 Fingers with White/Bright Light Orange Cockpit print
• [6346769] - Trans-Clear Windscreen 6 x 6 x 3 Canopy Half Sphere with Dual 2 Fingers with White/Bright Light Orange/Light Bluish Grey Cockpit print
• [6360604] - White Minifig Helmet Clone Trooper with Holes with Bright Light Orange Clone Pilot Print
• [6358144] - White MINI UPPER PART, NO. 5763
• [6346772] - White MINI LOWER PART, NO. 2143

Other errors:
• Missing stickers:
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3300 pieces
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3 months ago
@Stephan3321: you are so quick! Are you building 24/7?
For me one of the worst UCS sets. That thing is just big. I saw it set up in the Lego store.
3 months ago
I don't build 24/7. Actually I don't have a lot of time to build. Sometimes and hour in the afternoon after work, and/or an hour in the evening. Same for the weekends.
I actually like it, not that I would buy it. Since Star Wars sets are not my cup of tea to own, but ut looks pretty cool. Not many interesting building techniques though...
3 months ago
I started work on the typewriter as soon as instructions became available and it took 2 days and you uploaded yours a few hours later so is it safe to assume you also took about 2 days to make it?
2 months ago
Is there anyway to open this in Studio?
2 months ago

yes there is if you click editor on the top of the 3d view it takes you to the workshop and you can even download it if you want!
2 months ago
I have it and it looks so good just like the real one!
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