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7892-1: Hospital
Published 2 years ago
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When someone is sick in LEGO City, the staff of the City Hospital jumps into action! With three floors of medical rooms and equipment, a rescue helicopter and EMT truck, there's no emergency they can't handle!

• Includes doctor, patient and 2 rescue worker minifigures with lots of accessories!
• Includes rescue helicopter and EMT truck!
• Hospital has three floors of exam rooms!


Missing parts:
• 30035 - Minifigure, Utensil Space Scanner Tool
• 6015 - Tire 21mm D. x 12mm - Offset Tread Small Wide [replaced with 87697]
• 48288 - Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes on Edges [replaced with 90498]
• 51542 - Baseplate, Raised 32 x 48 x 6 with Level Front
• x39c01 - Door 1 x 4 x 6 with 3 Panes with Trans-Light Blue Glass
• 30179 - Door Frame 1 x 4 x 6 with Four Holes on Top and Bottom [replaced with 60596]
• 30608 - Minifigure, Hair Flat Top with Extended Sides
• 5151 - Plate, Modified 8 x 8 with Grille [replaced with 4151b]

Missing prints:
• 3068bpb0062 - Tile 2 x 2 with Computer Monitor Pattern 1, with Black Power Switch Icon [replaced with 3068bpb0381]
• 973pb0409c01 - Torso Hospital EMT Star of Life, Open Collar, Buttons, Pocket Pen Pattern / White Arms / Yellow Hands
• 3626bpx299 - Minifigure, Head Glasses with Dark Blue Sunglasses, Closed Mouth, Light Brown Sideburns and Goatee Pattern - Blocked Open Stud
• 973pb0408c01 - Torso Hospital Lab Coat, Open Collar, Stethoscope, Pocket Pen and Thermometer Pattern / White Arms / Yellow Hands
• 973pb0086c01 - Torso Plaid Button Shirt Pattern / Dark Blue Arms / Yellow Hands

Other errors:
• Missing stickers: Sticker for Set 7892 - (45464/4290773)
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747 pieces
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