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Love is the Greatest Sacrifice
Published 10 months ago
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Part 2 of "This is a fine mess you've gotten us into."
Scene before my previous model; "I may be gone but i will always be with you."
Sith Assassin: Now you will pay for your TREACHERY!
*Throws Lightsaber at Sira*
Me: NO!!!!!
*Jumps in front of Sira and Destroys Assassin with Force Judgement*
Sira: Master are you alright?!
Me: (weakly) Leave me.
Sira: I'm not leaving you here!
Me: It's no use. I won't last much longer.
Sira: No please! Don't die.
Me: Take.. This.
*Gives Sira my Holocron*
Me: Put it in the... Archives.
Sira: Master...
Me: I know...
Me: Promise me... you will pass on... my Memory
Me: Promise me... you will pass down... what I have taught..you
Sira: I will. Stay with me. Please!
Me: I can't...
Me: Hold... on.. much
Me... Longer...
Sira: You have to!
Me: Goodbye... Old Friend.. I will be with you....
Me: Always
*Dies in Sira's Arms, Body Disappears.*
Me: (through the force:) Go........
Me: Now.........
Scene before my older model:
I may not be here but i will always be with you."
Sira (Credit: Wynter_Studios02)
Special thanks to Wynter_Studios02, Lax_Swag5, Lego_YizrachYah, TJCC and others for the support and encouragement, as im almost at 150 views.
Also, a special thanks to B1Trash, Cakery and others who helped me learn tips and tricks along the way.
In case you didn't know, Force Judgement is like Force Lightning. Although not as powerful, it is basically the same thing. A user of Force Judgement was Plo Koon.
Thanks, and see you all next time.
P.S. The Jedi Temple Project is going to be delayed until i get my laptop fixed, as Mecabricks on this computer is very slow and laggy.
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10 months ago
I never expected this reaction...
39 models | 453 views
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