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My Updated Sigfig (Two varients)
Published 12 months ago
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Hello, LCB here.

So, It's been forever since I updated my sigfig, so I decided I would. I created a custom torso decal and modified all the parts of my outfit.

Varient 1:
This one is me with the Z6 battling blaster. Standard LCB with a new torso, blaster, waist cape, helmet design, and arm pieces. This is going to be my most common one.

Variant 2: This is me with the handheld blaster. This is me for winter. The helmet has been modified to not only look cool, but be used in harsh, cold environments.

All of the things used in this model were designed by me, and are allowed to be used by others.

I guess you could say this is my Commander Bacara clone redo, but I would much rather have it as my sigfig.

Anyways, thought I would do that just because.
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12 months ago
Nice! I like the one w/ the gun.
12 months ago
same, though both are equally amazing! I have one question though, how did you make custom pieces? I've wanted to, but I don't know how
12 months ago
There are Youtube tutorials on how. Just search up something along the lines of:
How to create customs prints on mecabricks.
Hope this helps.
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