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School for Magical Creatures- Chapter XII
Published 1 year ago
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Elinor, Ivy, Karmod, and Flappy went through a long hall where green banners were tied around. The place seemed familiar to Ivy and Karmod, but they never were at the same place before. Flappy tried to get his wings out but failed each time, he started to become angrier each time.
"Argh!" Flappy screamed.
"Relax" Ivy calmed him down.
"Why won't my wings come out?"
Elinor looked at flappy and said, "Probably for some magical reason or secret..."
"No, they are supposed to come out, Jack upgraded me to have wings!"
"Be quiet!" Karmod silenced Flappy "Jack upgraded you at that time, it was a strong but temporary upgrade."
"So why do you understand me then? Wasn't it also his magic?"
"I do not know how or what. But maybe that is like smaller magic?"
"Anyway," Ivy interrupted, "No one of us has our upgrades anymore, which kind of sucks."
"Shhh!" Karmod said
"You already said that," Elinor told him.
"But this time there are guards there."

Elinor got her water out and got ready to charged, Ivy summoned plants that made holes in the ground and left a long scratched around the floor, Karmod let his wings out and they were ready to charge. But Flappy stopped them.
"You cannot do it" He screamed at them, the guards show them, and came closer to them.
"Why? They are the bad guys"
"You got to let me do that?"
"You?" Ivy asked, "Why?"
"I just need to get some anger out," Flappy explained.
"Cuz you lost your wings?"
"Are you sure you want to do it alone?" Alinor asked him to make sure he is sure.
"Yeah, I can do that," Flappy said. "It's no problem"
"Ok," said Karmod, "Go for it"
Flappy stepped forward awkwardly ready to fight against the two guards.
"I feel sorry for the little guy," Ivy told Elinor, as she got her plants out from the ground, "Just to make sure he is safe."

Flappy went slowly toward them, and as they were one meter away, he could smell that the guards had not showered, which made him regret a bit for coming so close to them. Then he jumped over the first guard's head and as he became unbalanced and fell he kicked the other in the leg then he took the head of the first one who was already on the floor and repeatedly punched him down the floor. Meanwhile, the second one got out up and runner toward him, Flappy moved aside and then jumped on his back and jump on his back until he fell. When the second guard was down, Flappy jumped on him a few times. Then, Flappy got awkwardly off the guards and went toward his friends, which backed a bit.

"Nice one," Elinor said.
"Yeah," Ivy told him "Good job. Now let's go"
They all ran down the hall.
"Ok," Karmod said, "The school is supposed to be somewhere around here.
They all looked at a giant room in a circular shape as most walls were colored green. On the roof, there were golden shapes all around. They came to the middle of the room, where there was a big round table with 12 chairs all around as well as one big decorated chair from where they came from.
"Do you think he is here?" Karmod asked.
"I do not know," Ivy said.
Then they heard a loud sound, it was a bell which was in the middle of the table, he started moving magically creating a strong sound.
"An alarm?" Flappy asked.
Elinor said, "I think maybe we are looking at something else."
7 people came toward them each set in one of each chair.
"Who are you?" Elinor asked.
There was a boy with a uniform and purple hair sitting in front of them.
He looked at them and said, "Are you our new classmates?"
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1 year ago

P.S. Near the end of the second paragraph, you said Karmod instead of Flappy.
1 year ago
Noice did someone want to add new characters or are the new classmates your creation
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