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4511-1: High Speed Train
Published 1 year ago
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World City had two sub-themes in its short existence: "Police and Rescue" and "Trains." The set no. 4511 "High Speed Train" is indeed my favorite, I strongly appreciate both the design and the build. Perhaps the only complaint would be size-wise: the train only has two carriages, the station is one of the tiniest I've ever seen in Lego trains, and there are just three minifigures (with at least nine seats to occupy).

Also worth noting that most Lego trains with cargo containers include a small truck or van fitted to carry them around, as well as some oversize luggage and additional cargo: bicycles, mail parcels, crates, etc. Not the case for the 'Hi-Speed Train.' (To be fair, the set came with a bunch of electric parts and a speed regulator, so perhaps Lego had to limit the bricks inventory to keep the $$$ reasonable).

There are no complaints about the train itself, though, that's for sure. I like how Lego designers were consistent and accurate following the evolution of railway transportation in real life. Their previous take on hi-speed trains was, if I'm not mistaken, a set no. 4560 "Railway Express" (https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/eVaPROoLjzB). It came out in 1999, presented in Lego catalogs as the "fastest train in the world" and mimicking Eurostar trains (running between the UK and France under La Manche).

Since then, Japan certainly took over both in terms of top speed records and over-the-top futuristic designs of their SCMaglev trains (see this website for more info: https://www.maglev.net/japanese-maglev-evolution). And that's the look and concept that Lego chose for 'High-Speed Train.'

In addition to a slick aerodynamic front cabin, protruding ten studs in front of the train, there's also a spoiler mounted beneath it. And a low-cut transparent canopy completes the fantastic look. The interior of both the locomotive and the passenger coach is only accessible via removable roof panels; there are no doors or openable windows, and even gangways are sealed shut.

Naturally, the set's whole design rests on one part—a #45706 Train Front 6x10x2⅔ (https://rebrickable.com/parts/45706pb01), custom-made just for this train (and obviously, not available on Mecabricks). It was a tough and fun challenge trying to replicate it from other parts, and you can judge the final output yourself (I think it's okay). I was able to localize all alterations just in the Train Front MOC-assembly, though, for the most part, which is nice. So it'll be easy to upgrade my build if someone was to import this crazy piece.

Other than that, this build is very accurate, probably 96-97% exact, and the parts that are missing are mostly decorative.

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