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Flying Dutchman MOC
Published 6 months ago
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Lego flying dutchman moc made by me.
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6 months ago
dang it dude, you do not disappoint!
6 months ago
looks good!
maybe make it a little more dilapidated though
5 months ago
This has to be the best MOC I've seen so far of the Flying Dutchman. But just a few suggestions,:
I saw in another MOC that they used 1x2x2 Ladders as the companionways leading to the gangways
And try using 1x1 Round Plates w 3.2 Shaft, 2x1 Plate with Vertical Holder, and 1x1 Plate w Tooth to give a bit more texture to the teeth at the bow. (Maybe even keep a few of those 1x2 Plate w Bow & 45* Cut just to add variety to the edges of the teeth.
Beside that, It's a gorgeous MOC
5 months ago
ok, I have NO idea what you just said...
5 months ago
Sorry. I go a little crazy with the names. Uh... okay
If you look up "ladder" in the workshop search bar, it'll bring you about 10 different results. I think it's the second to last, but the 1x2x2 Ladder is the one with the 1x2 plate and the really short ladder overhanging. I'm pretty sure it was in the Silent Mart model.
Companionways are the stairs onboard a ship that lead from one deck to another.
Gangways are the stretches' of wood that lead from a Quarterdeck to the Foredeck. What he has right now with that big open hole in the middle of the ship.
The idea for the teeth came from here: https://www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/design.page?idModel=37501
But I'm saying that he could keep a couple of those bows at the end of the teeth he has now
5 months ago
This is super awesome!! I really love the tiny details making up the entire build!
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