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Mecabricks Election #3
Published 1 year ago
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Welcome Mecabricksians!!! This is the 3rd (Oh gosh, what have we done.) election we have run. There are 5 (6) runners this term!
LW, D_R06, A7X, JUSTY, and KoE. (In no particular order.) Oh yeah, and me. I'm running this term. A few things to start off with.

1. Send in your votes via PM.
2. DO NOT PUBLICLY SHARE WHOM YOU VOTED FOR. This is too avoid any unnecessary tension between voting peeps.
GOT IT??????? If not, read the rules again.

LW's speech:
Why hello there, my burrahobbits!

Hello? *coughs audibly*
Um... why isn't this microphone working? Greenflame, did you get Random Guy to do something to my mic again?!?

Oh, there we go. My lovely voice booming back and forth across the empty auditorium.

Today is a wonderful day, wanna know why? Well, I don't even know, but it has to be a great day for somebody, right?
Definitely hope you all are having a pretty good day


I guess I'll get right to it. The LG has put out some violent Lego sets; even the new Colosseum has a very dark, and very terrible past. This might be a statement to store away in the "unpopular opinions" section of your local supermarket, but Lego chooses to ignore these facts. LotR, TH, and SW are all very violent (don't get me wrong, LotR was and still is the best movie trilogy ever produced), however, there are still multiple SW sets in the works, and there might - hopefully - be another LotR wave. Here's the point I'm trying to make: Lego tries to refrain from using weapons of any sort in their models, and I get that, I really do. Yes, war is horrible, and that's one of the reasons you aren't seeing Lego brand sets labled with "Across The Battlefield", like other rip-off kits are doing, but why no Veterans Day models? Why no tanks, or historical WWI - WWII aircraft?

That's why I'd love to make this term "MB Military Month". I don't expect to get elected, quite the opposite

Some users would be put to the task of creating a model of a turning point in our history, e.g. some of the important battles of WWII, or recognizing a few famous soldiers from a certain state. One of Tennessee's most well-known soldiers, Alvin C. York, actually received the Medal of Honor for taking a German machine gun nest, and capturing a total of 132 German soldiers.

The men and women who have fought and died for our country deserve to be honored; they have done what most of us here could never hope to do.

One of the Mecabricks users, Kraus, has done exactly this. His little dioramas are incredible, and he accurately portrays historical war events with Lego. Go check him out, he's a pretty cool guy

Vote for LW if you wish, this speech was mainly to give you some food for thought. Like I said, war is a disastrous thing, but these individuals need to be recognized.

There we go, I said it! Phew, stage-fright. Holy guacamole. Or potatoes. Holy potatoes.


Btw, Snap is my VP

As always, God Bless!

Signing off,


PM #LWforprez to vote for LegoWilderness.

DR_06's speech:
Hello my friends, it is I, Dragon_Rider06 running for the position of President of Mecabricks.
Now I can't and won't make silly promises about how I will improve this site because that is frankly not up to me, but I will work as hard as I can to ensure new users feel welcome, and that all users are treated fairly. I know when I first came to this site, one of the reasons that I stayed was because of the friendliness of the other users here.
If you vote me in, or even if you don't, I will work to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, all views are respected, eradicate bullying, or at least defending the victim, and keeping this amazing site a wonderful, fun place to build and hang out.
And I will do my best to show the love of Jesus to each and every one of you.
I know this isn't the longest or best written speech, but hopefully you can all see that I one hundred percent mean what I am saying and will do my best to act upon it. Because our best is all we can do.
Thank you for listening.
God Bless!

~ Dragon_Rider06

PM #DR_06forprez

A7X's speech:

Hello Mecabricks! Before I give my speech, I'd like you to know that I have chosen Kylefenning7 as my Vice President! Now, I will give my speech.

I was once brand new to Mecabricks. I have a reason as to why I chose Kyle as my Vice President, and it's because he's new here too. Was it the smartest to do? You might not think so, but I do. The reason why is because it's a statement. I wouldn't have bothered running in the first place, I had no intention to. But here I am! I'm here to tell you anything is possible!
Here's why we're proof! If we get elected, I will be the first female president on Mecabricks, and Kyle will be the newest member to ever become Vice President. Here, it's not about experience, or time you've had on Mecabricks. It's your LEGACY. The legacy you leave here, and anywhere else, is the greatest thing you can do in life.
You know how a lot of people don't know or understand the meaning of life? I know it. All of you know it. You're doing it! The meaning of life is to LIVE it, and to live it to it's fullest! There's no greater thing to do! It's not about expanding throughout the universe! It's about caring for ourselves, each other, and our home. It's about treasuring our life, because that's the greatest thing we have all been blessed with.
I needed help to realize that, too. I have been through a lot of things, things some of you may have been through or are going through right now. I have seen people who have despised life, and have taken it. I have seen people hurting others, and I have been hurt myself. I have been around the block, and a lot of pain followed. But I have recovered! I'm so happy with my life!
What I'm going to do, whether I get elected as president or not, is if you need to talk to someone, or need support, you can PM me or Kyle! We have conversed, and we both have decided that we are ready to provide support to you guys! We will continue to keep Mecabricks safe!
A lot of the internet is poisoned. It's a lot of toxic filth, but this is a haven! Mecabricks is the most friendly community I've ever met! You guys are all amazing! I wouldn't trade you guys for anything in existence, because I treasure you guys. I treasure everyone, no matter what they've done.
I suppose that this speech is getting a bit too long, so I will leave you off with this. Respect everyone! Love them, and care for them, because in the end, we ARE ALL HUMAN! We are all the same, and yet so unique! We may have great differences, but in the end, we're all family! And so, as part of the statement, I will take my helmet off, because it's like I said. It's not about exploring the cosmos, it's about living life, and living with one another.
~ A7X

PM #A7Xforprez to vote for A7X

KoE's speech:

Well, I’m back to give another speech. Hope my helmet doesn’t muffle my voice too much. I got some complaints about that last time.
Anyway, there’s something you should know about me, I’m really insecure. I think way too much. I read way too much. I can be kinda awkward. I’m pretty much Peter Parker if he never got bitten by that radioactive spider.
IRL, I’m not some mysterious knight. I’m just another teenager trying to find his place in a world that’s only getting more crazy by the day.
But that’s the thing about Mecabricks, on here we can be anybody we want. We can be knights, Jedis, wizards and ninjas. I have some friends who have Lightsaber Making businesses. We can make our own worlds and stories all out of digital, interlocking, bricks.
We can be ourselves.
That’s one of the things that sets MB apart from other social media sites. The fact that we can be who we are and still accept each other. Acceptance is talked about a lot in modern culture, but I don’t feel like I ever see it displayed the right way.
A great example of true acceptance is when the guy in the (metaphorical) corner, who wears a knight helmet everywhere is welcomed into a community. When we can discuss our different opinions, share our personal views and even disagree while still being… ya know… friends. When a brand new user is getting picked on and people stand up for them. Mecabricks is just cool like that.
So back to the first part, yeah I guess I’m still rather insecure (that’s probably why I wear this helmet) and I’m definitely still trying to figure out where I fit in (aren’t we all ) but now I’m okay with it. And I want others to be too. I want to inspire other people the same way a lot of you guys inspired me. The president and vice president have an elevated platform to do that, which is why I’m running this time. And I hope that whoever wins will do the same.
But honestly, if you use this site, then you have that responsibility regardless.

I’d like to close with this quote:
"With great power, there must also come great responsibility"


PM #KoEforprez to vote for KoE.

JUSTY's speech.

Ok. here we go. Now to start off, I'm going to make a promise. You may be thinking, "Woo-hoo. another lousy campaign promise." But that is not my vision for this site, my promise, is that I don't make those steriotypical unachievable fantasies, I make promises! I do not come at you as a vision maker, or a billionare who bought his way to office, but a candidate that can help you through actual, relevant circumstances! I'm not the most qualified, heck, I started building about 2 months ago. But I can actually help you! Through these tough times lots of bad things have happened, but we should still look at the good! Scientists are closer than ever to developing a vaccine for this disease! You've probably been making more models now that you have more time at home! And much, much, MUCH more! In conclusion, as Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” So get out there and start building!

PM #JUSTYforprez to vote for JUSTY.

Now for my speech!!!!!

Ian_Themage's speech:

Because what the heck, why not.

PM #Ian_thefishforprez to vote for Ian_themage.

And those are the finalists! Send your votes in!
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1 year ago
Ian's admits he's a
1 year ago
That's already been decided by you guys.
1 year ago
MB: Yeah, that's probably the most important thing we've learned this election.
1 year ago
AHH I'm so undecided! The candidates are really good this election . . . .
1 year ago
Ian is... running??? Oh, I'm definitely voting for him. Or should I? He seems insane. He really and truly does. Is it a wise choice? Now I'm not even sure if he's human for heaven's sake!

On a serious note, thank you for picking me, Ian!

I really appreciate it, and good luck on your... *cough* ...campaign.
1 year ago
@LW, Now he an INSANE fish? Oh man, this just gets weirder and weirder.
1 year ago
I made it in!!! (Also, @Ian, thanks for remembering my bowtie!
1 year ago
Yes, I remembered your bowtie this time!!!
1 year ago
And my vote goes to . . . *beep*

Congratulations on getting my vote, *beep*
1 year ago
Sadly it was decided I won’t run for some reason...
1 year ago
This is hard...great campaigns everyone :>

I need to process each and every speech :0
1 year ago
Ok, got a few questions.
1. As far as I know, DR announced here break from MB.(I don’t now if she conversed with you on this matter)
2. Maybe someone else should be in charge of counting the votes while Ian’s running (like former president for example)

I know this is harder than it looks so I’m just giving a suggestion
1 year ago
1. I was not aware of that at the beginning of the election, but have already discussed how to go about that if she wins.
2. Me running is basically a joke. I do not expect to win and will still count all the votes fairly. (I only have 1 person voted for me, while there are 4 for another person.)
1 year ago
When is the election over and the votes are tallied?
1 year ago
Exciting, not exiting... AHH!
1 year ago
I'll probably close down voting on December1st or 2nd.
1 year ago
Oh cool! Can't wait!
1 year ago
@Ian, looks like you got it covered than
1 year ago
Standard voting is now closed!
1 year ago
Considering something completely new is happening, yeah it is. For me as well.
1 year ago
The number of comments on this election compared to the last election is insane. 234 to 29!
1 year ago
If they tied, how come A7X gets to be prez?
1 year ago
Hey, I was just wondering, when exactly is the next MB election?
1 year ago
I think sometime in March
1 year ago
February 1st, actually. The announcement model comes on January 25.
1 year ago
That's not a lot of time...
12 months ago
It's actually today!
12 months ago
Well gosh darn! You're correct!
5 months ago
I will host this year
5 months ago
It's discontinued
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