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Ultimate Battle For Geonosis
Published 5 months ago
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This was a build I did for a SW contest on Lego Ideas but I failed to submit after the project was too big to render. So, it's a little shabby because I had to try build it quickly but just thought I would chuck it up anyway.

I would love to see it rendered one day.
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5 months ago
Sorry if it's hard to load the build since it's so large.
5 months ago
I tried blender. Just too big. Kept crashing.
5 months ago
Doesn't surprise me, to be honest!
5 months ago
Thanks ph4N70M_3!

Yeah, I didn't really think it might be too big.
5 months ago
Nice! Why are the drones holding ballons?
5 months ago
@Gecko_Design Because this build was for a contest which said to have a bit of fun with your build. I had a droid wearing a clone helmet in the ice-cream van distracting the clones while the clones had set up a decoy droid giving out balloons to the droid army, making them float away. I even gave a clone some banana blasters and the separatists were dancing on a disco floor. I was just adding a bit of fun.
5 months ago
Awesome. I don't know if I could render it though, even with my computer. XD
5 months ago
Yes, it is a little too large.
5 months ago

So Big,
So Laggy,
Good job!
I'm sorry you couldn't render it!

But It's still AWESOME Nonetheless
5 months ago
Thank you MOCmaster!

Ha, yeah, my computer has trouble just loading it.
5 months ago
Sure thing!
I hope you find a way to render it!
Also, my computer isn't suffering to badly! XD! JK!
5 months ago
how did you build all this?
5 months ago

I spent a month doing it for a contest on Lego Ideas but I couldn't render it so I couldn't enter. It took a while and lots of patience. Especially putting in all the minifigures because my computer was very slow while working on this build.
3 months ago
It looks great, but one thing, Commander Cody wasn't at the Battle of Geonosis which they say in an episode of the Clone Wars
3 months ago

Thanks for the comment and like! Oh, I've probably heard it somewhere but forgotten. I guess because the contest was going to end in a few days I didn't really check for accuracy. Thank you for reminding me though
1 month ago
@MegaZaneTZ Wow! Really? Must have taken some time
That's cool!
1 month ago
@GoldyBricks It took like 25 minutes or longer idk
1 month ago
Why is there an Ice cream truck!!!!!!! Besides that the build is great
4 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment!

It was because for the SW contest they said add a twist or some humour to your build so I made it like the droids were trying to distract the clones by disguising themselves as clones and selling ice-creams just like the clones selling balloons to the droids.

There's a few other things like the clone on the towel and another with bananas while count dooku and the enemy leaders are on a disco floor. It was just a bit of fun.
4 weeks ago
You're welcome!
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