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Militia "Thumper" Multi-role fighter
Published 5 months ago
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You thought the Militia didn't have an air force? WRONG AGAIN!!!

The "Thumper" is the Militia's main and most readily available fighter, made from modified, privately-owned Cessna 172s. The modifications include a set of rocket pods for anti-vehicle missions, a back gunner for warding off enemy jet fighters, a few Molotov Cocktails that can be thrown off the side, and a machine gun mounted in the engine, which hasn't been seen since the height of BF-109 development. Against the more modern jet fighters of the Iraqi Air Force, they perform mostly poorly, which is why the Militia focuses on destroying airbases on the ground, but if you let a few of these things get past air defenses, it's devastating, and it has generated a wide variety of emotions among its foes, from "Yup, the Militia's back at it again" to "WAS THAT A ****ING CROP DUSTER!??!?!" (srry XD)

P.S. if there are any of these Militia/Iraqi Federation vehicles that I feel deserve a render it's definitely this one. I would love to see a render from someone, but I won't force it.
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