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05.1 - Moving Down
Published 4 months ago
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05.1 - Moving Down

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Daedalus, please stop distracting me,” The_An0nym said for the hundredth time. Daedalus nudged him again, then looked into his eyes. The_An0nym sighed.
“What do you want?” he asked. Daedalus neighed.
“I don’t understand,” The_An0nym said. Daedalus walked out of the room, wanting to be followed. The_An0nym sighed once more before getting out of his comfy chair. Daedalus walked past YellowFlame37, who was reading a book from the library. The_An0nym followed.
“Where are you going?” YellowFlame37 asked, without looking up.
“Ask Daedalus,” The_An0nym replied. Daedalus walked past the shelves filled with books, going right or left in a seemingly random pattern. In just a few minutes The_An0nym was lost. This brought up bad memories.
“Do you know the way back?” The_An0nym asked. Daedalus neighed annoyingly, as if to say: “Don’t you trust me?”. The_An0nym trusted Daedalus to know the way back and followed him further into the maze.

“3683… is this referring to LegoMaster?” SuperPup1 asked.
“I don’t know… His numbers are 6383, if I’m correct, so why would they rearrange them?” Happy097 asked.
“Wait… are you sure that 6383 are the numbers of LegoMaster? I mean; I don’t really study all the usernames, so I don’t know if it’s 3683, 6383, or something entirely else,” BrickAssassain7 asked.
“It’s ‘LegoMaster6383’, I’m sure of it,” Happy097 said.
“Anyway… let’s worry about that later. We need to find the shield generator,” SuperPup1 said.
“Wait… This place has a shield? How come we didn’t notice?” BlueFlame56 asked.
“Because it wasn’t meant for us. It’s an anti-teleport shield,” SuperPup1 explained.
“Where do we find this… generator?” BrickAssassain7 asked. Everyone, except SlimBrick1, who was still remaining silent, turned to the fake BlackFlame49.
“I won’t tell you anything,” he said.
“If you won’t tell us anything, then you’re useless to us,” BlueFlame56 noticed.
“Ugh… Alright, I’ll give you a hint; To get to the basement, you’ll have to walk an unexpected path,” the fake BlackFlame49 said.
“Either speak clearly or we’ll leave you here,” SuperPup1 threatened.
“Alright. The generator is located in the basement of this building. To get there you’ll have to keep going left,” the fake BlackFlame49 explained.
“Better… Let’s go!” SuperPup1 exclaimed. They started walking down the endless hallways, turning left whenever they could. After a while the first complaint was made.
“We are just walking in circles… how will this get us to our destination?” BrickAssassain7 asked.
“I agree with Seven; Are you tricking us, Glitch?” SuperPup1 asked.
“You may not have noticed, but we already moved a few floors down,” the fake BlackFlame49 claimed.
“How can we trust you?” BlueFlame56 asked.
“Ask your Navigating System,” the fake BlackFlame49 replied. SuperPup1 thought for a moment that he meant the GPS he had broken, then realized he was talking about Anon.
“Anon, you there?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Nope, but I’m here!” a voice replied. For a moment SuperPup1’s heart stood still.
“YellowFlame? Is that you?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Yup, the only real one!” YellowFlame37 confirmed.
“Where is Anon?” SuperPup1 questioned.
“He is… upgrading Daedalus or something like that,” YellowFlame37 answered.
“Upgrading?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Don’t ask me! Anon followed Daedalus deeper into the library. Then they came back, Anon gave me a quick briefing and gave me command, which is pretty great, and then he vanished again with Daedalus,” YellowFlame37 explained.
“And how are you? The last I saw you, you were getting attacked by that guard,” SuperPup1 said.
“I’m doing fine,” YellowFlame37 said, but SuperPup1 noticed the small quiver in his voice.
“Glad you’re fine. Could you check if we really are moving downwards?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Sure, just wait a sec… How did you guys manage to go down 11 floors?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“11...?! You’re kidding, right?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Nope,” YellowFlame37 said,”Gotta go,”
“Wait!” SuperPup1 exclaimed, but YellowFlame37 wasn’t listening anymore.
“What did he say?” the fake BlackFlame49 asked, a grin on his face.
“YellowFlame said we moved down by 11 floors,” SuperPup1 said. Everyone was surprised by how many floors they had moved downwards in such a short time that it was almost suspicious.

[End of 05.1]
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4 months ago
you all are right about the numbers in my username
4 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!!
4 months ago
I thought the 63-36 thing was a typo. It’s interesting to know that it’s not!
4 months ago
Justy - It actually was, but I it are these kinds of mistakes that make the story more interesting, so I just included it into the story
4 months ago
Justy - Yup! I mostly improvise the story XD
4 months ago

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