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8495-1: Crosstown Craze
Published 3 years ago
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"Get ready for incredible speed and action! Seven lightning-fast racers are speeding toward the finish line: an off-road buggy, a big-wheeled truck, a fiery red racecar, a stretch limo, a surfer pick-up, a tuned-up van and a big racing rig with a car-carrying trailer. Who will cross the city first and take home the prize? Includes 7 tiny turbo racers and street light! Tractor trailer measures 10" (25cm) long!"

Missing and replaced Parts (last updated 2017-03-25):
-Missing Part 2431pb200.
-Missing Part 2431pb201.
-Missing Part 2431pb202.
-Missing Part 2431pb202L.
-Missing Part 2431pb203.
-Missing Part 2431pb204.
-Missing Part 2431pb205.
-Missing Part 3001pb087L.
-Missing Part 3001pb087R.
-Missing Part 3010pb145.
-Missing Part 3010pb146L.
-Missing Part 3010pb146R.
-Missing Part 3010pb147L.
-Missing Part 3010pb147R.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0440.
-Missing Part 3069bpb184.
-Missing Part 3069bpb185.
-Missing Part 3297pb025.
-Missing Part 41854pb15.
-Missing Part 41854pb16.
-Missing Part 44674pb17.
-Missing Part 47755pb01.
-Missing Part 47758pb01.
-Missing Part 50947pb016L.
-Missing Part 50947pb016R.
-Missing Part 50947pb017L.
-Missing Part 50947pb017R.
-Missing Part 50949pb01.
-Missing Part 54200pb031L.
-Missing Part 54200pb031R.
-Missing Part 54200pb032.
-Missing Part 54200pb033.
-Missing Part 6179pb027.
-Missing Part 6191pb002.
-Missing Part 6238pb04.
-Missing Part 6238pb05.
-Missing Part BA35pb01.

-Part 30027b replaced with Part 30027a.
-Part 42611 replaced with Part 92409.
-Part 50945 replaced with Part 50951.
-Part 6015 replaced with Part 87697.
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502 pieces
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