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Ninjago: Into Orbit: Episode Two: Welcome to Galamorphia
Published 2 months ago
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Previously on Ninjago, the ninja were invited by the Commissioner to an awards ceremony, where they would be able to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Galamorphia, a newly discovered planet. Master Wu tried to warn them that the trip could be dangerous, but the ninja were willing to take the chance. Now aboard the Space Bounty, the ninja are on their way to Galamorphia, but will the planet be different then what they expected?

Lloyd: Okay, guys. The Space Bounty’s steady and moving smoothly. Everything should be alright from here on out.

Cyrus Borg (On monitor): Hello, ninja!

Viral: Mr. Borg!

Cyrus Borg (On monitor): This message was recorded ahead of time in order to help you arrive on Galamorphia. If you can follow these directions correctly, then you should have no problems at all. But, first things first. The most trustworthy ninja to pilot the Space Bounty should be Zane.

Lloyd: What?!

Cyrus Borg (On monitor): I am aware that as team leader, Lloyd would have wanted to pilot this shuttle, but it is in everyone’s best interest for Zane to guide you through outer space.

Lloyd: (Sigh) Well, she’s all yours, Zane.

Zane: Thank you. I will do my best.

*Lloyd and Zane switch seats, with Zane in the front seat*

Cyrus Borg (On monitor): Now, make sure that you stay on this course. If you drift away from the red line on the screen, then you won’t make it to the right destination.

Zane: Got it!

Cyrus Borg (On monitor): Before I forget, an asteroid belt is up ahead. Do be careful, as a single hit from an asteroid onto the Space Bounty could leave your shuttle severely damaged!

Zane: Then there’s no time to waste! Let’s speed this up!

Jay: Did he just say we’re going to speed up? For once in my life, I’m lead to believe that Zane’s going to kill us all!

*Zane pushes the accelerator lever forward*

Zane: Hold on tight!

Jay: Aaaaah! I should’ve just stayed on the ground! Everyone loves the ground!

Kai: Jay, quit squirming! We’ve driven in faster vehicles than this one!

Viral: I guess we’ll all be in for a good time, huh?

Cole: I doubt that.

*Zane maneuvers the Space Bounty through the asteroid belt. There are a few close calls, but the ninja make it through safely.*

Cyrus Borg (On monitor): If you are still listening, then that means you have successfully gotten through the asteroid belt!

Jay: Yes! The worst part is over!

Cyrus Borg (On monitor): Now, follow the line onscreen and you’ll soon have to prepare to land.

Cole: Awesome! We’re nearly there!

Nya: We knew you’d be the perfect pilot for the Space Bounty, Zane!

Lloyd: Oh, so I take a back seat for just one minute and you’re already praising Zane? I could’ve done all of that, too!

Zane: Apparently, the percentage of your ability to emulate my performances is at a very low rate.

Jay: Ha! I guess the facts are against you this time, Lloyd!

Nya: Wait, is that Galamorphia?

Zane: On our map, it indicates an X mark, so we are at the correct location.

Cole: Then it’s time to land this baby and explore that planet!

Zane: The landing may be a bit bumpy, so hold onto something as a precaution.

*Zane lands the Space Bounty on Galamorphia, creating a loud noise*

Galamorphian guard #1: King Galamore! We heard a loud noise from the outside! It may be an intruder! Should we take matters into our own hands?

King Galamore: Of course not! We haven’t had company in years, so the least we could do is make them feel welcomed!

Galamorphian guard #2: As you wish, sir.

Lloyd: Oh, and don’t forget. Put your helmets on before stepping outside.

*While the ninja are stepping out of the Space Bounty, the king and his guards show up*

Kai: (Gasp) Extra-terrestrial creatures?! A little fire power will take care of these creeps!

King Galamore: Sorry to alarm you, but we do not wish to hurt you. We Galamorphians come in peace!

Nya: Uh, what?

King Galamore: Allow me to introduce myself. I am King Galamore, the sole ruler of this planet, Galamorphia! What brings you here to our home?

Lloyd: We were sort of invited to come here. You see, the Commissioner of our home world, Ninjago —

King Galamore: Ninjago, you say?

Lloyd: Yeah! It’s a great place with lots of people, but a lot of the time villains will show up with an evil plan and try to take over our city, which is when we show up to take them down!

King Galamore: So, you’re all a team?

Cole: You bet! One of the strongest ninja teams you’ll ever meet!

Lloyd: I’m Lloyd, by the way. And that’s Kai, his sister Nya, along with Jay, Cole, Zane, and our newest addition to our team, Viral.

King Galamore: Well, you all sound like you have your work cut out for you! These fellows right here are Prince Galamus, Galamort, Galamond, Galamoe, Galaming, and my guards.

Jay: Okay. That’s cool and all, but does everyone’s name on this planet start with “Gala” something? It’s kinda odd.

King Galamore: It’s a Galamorphian tradition for everyone’s names to sound similar. It was a tradition created by my father: King Galamere! He was the greatest of the great and I knew that when I would be crowned the new king of Galamorphia, I’d want to rule just like my father did!

Nya: It sounds like you’re good at what you do! But on Ninjago, there are no rulers. There was a royal family, but —

King Galamore: I’d like to hear more about this “Ninjago” you speak of. You can tell me more during the tour, if you’d like.

Zane: We appreciate your humbleness, King Galamore. And thank you for allowing us to stay. We’ll only be here for a week though, so our time here will be limited.

King Galamore: It’s no problem! I’ll show you all a great time! By the way, the air on Galamorphia is breathable for any species, so there’s no need for your breathing helmets!

Jay: We’ll, that’s a relief! I wanted to take this thing off the moment I put it on!

Viral: Wait!

Lloyd: What’s the matter, Viral?

Jay: Yeah. You look a little uneasy.

Viral: Maybe we should be careful from now on. Remember what Master Wu told us? (Whispering loudly) The part about this planet being “The World of Fear and Destruction?”

Kai: We’ve been fooled by people’s actions a lot in the past, but all I see is a humble king that takes pride in his work. It’s clear to see that he has nothing to hide from us!

Viral: I guess I’ll believe you on this one, then.

*Viral takes off his helmet, and so do the rest of the ninja*

Cole: Wow! The air really is breathable! How did you know that we could breathe the same air that you do?

King Galamore: Um, let’s get on with the tour, shall we?

Jay: This tour’s gonna be epic!

Viral: They can’t really be buying this, can they? King Galamore’s clearly hiding something from us, and I’m gonna figure it out!

Nya: Hey, Viral?

Viral: Yeah?

Nya: You coming with us on the tour?

Viral: I’m on my way! (Whispering) On my way to finding out what this king’s up to!

*Later, at the end of the tour*

King Galamore: — and this is the hall of Galamorphia! The room that showcases all of the Galamorphian achievements!

Lloyd: This is… incredible! This has to be the greatest planet in the universe!

King Galamore: If you’re impressed now, then just wait and see what my chef has prepared for you!

Cole: You guys have food here too? Now we’re talking!

*Later, in the Galamorphian cafeteria*

King Galamore: Chef Galamon? Do you have the meals prepared for our visitors?

Chef Galamon: You didn’t ask me to prepare any meals today, sir.

King Galamore: (Growls) Well, it’s your job to cook, so if you don’t get it right, I will… (clears throat) I mean, could you prepare seven meals for me and the ninja, if you don’t mind?

Chef Galamon: Coming right away, sir!

Viral: He can barely even control his anger! I have to know what’s up with him!

Kai: Still suspicious about the king, Viral? He’s only trying to serve us, as we are his guests!

Viral: I mean, what am I supposed to believe? This can’t possibly be a place of peace and harmony!

King Galamore: Here are your meals!

Lloyd: Oh, wow! The food looks… great?

King Galamore: Don’t be shy! I can assure you that this is the finest cuisine on Galamorphia! So, dig in!

Viral: I bet he poisoned the food, too! I’ve lost my appetite!

Nya: You need to calm down, Viral. There’s no reason for you to be so judgmental towards King Galamore!

Viral: Fine! But you’ll see that I was right to be suspicious!

Cole: (Sigh) If only there was cake on this planet…

King Galamore: Cake, you say? Let’s see how much you enjoy a Galamorphian special: the Galamorphian Ooze Cake!

Cole: It looks kinda weird and possibly indigestible, but cake is cake to me!

Viral: Cole, don’t eat that!

*Cole picks up the cake, munches on it, and swallows*

Cole: (Gasp) Oh my gosh! What is this feeling?!

Viral: I knew there was something in the cake!

Cole: I feel… I feel… delighted! No cake in all of Ninjago could top the flavor of this Galamorphian Ooze Cake! I’ll take three more!

Viral (Thinking): Maybe I am just being paranoid. Everyone else seems to be enjoying their time here. I guess I’ll have to make an effort to see this place with a positive view tomorrow…

*Later that night on Galamore*

King Galamore: Here are your sleeping quarters! Sleep well, ninja!

Nya: Thanks, King Galamore! We appreciate it!

Lloyd: King Galamore is such a great guy! And I thought that we were going to fight him once we first encountered him!

Viral: Speaking of, I think that tomorrow, I’ll try not to be so suspicious and actually enjoy my time here. If this is my only chance to experience what this planet has to offer, then I’m going to have a great time here with you guys, no matter what!

Kai: Glad to hear that, Viral!

Nya: Good night everyone!

Cole: Good night!

Jay: Good night, Galamorphia! Can’t wait to experience more of you tomorrow!

*The ninja turn off the lights and are soon off to sleep*

*Later, in a hidden room of Galamorphia*

King Galamore: Ah, the Galamorphian Crystal! I’m eager to learn of its ultimate power, and more of Ninjago, as well! I think that the ninja being here will be just what I need to achieve my longtime dream!
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