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MetalBeard - Human. But better then ix's
Published 3 months ago
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MetalBeard - Human. But better then ix'sMetalBeard - Human. But better then ix'sMetalBeard - Human. But better then ix'sMetalBeard - Human. But better then ix'sMetalBeard - Human. But better then ix'sMetalBeard - Human. But better then ix'sMetalBeard - Human. But better then ix's
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3 months ago
Dude, I love the render!

Do you know if Blender used to make The LEGO Movie?
3 months ago
@Sannpy I don't believe so, but they could have done.
3 months ago
No. Its obvious blender wasnt used to make the lego movies. even with a lil research. and plus its a free program that wasnt that good at the time of the first film. and plus it wasnt industry standard. it could be possible to make it in blender. but way to much work.
3 months ago
Blender is quickly catching up to and even passing the industry standard in some respects though, so 5 years from now you will probably see a lot more movies being made with Blender.
3 months ago
The Corridor Crew on YouTube use Blender for their VFX shots, and they have done several films/tv shows. So it isn't like no-one uses blender for films.
3 months ago
Right, that's why I said "more films" not "will start to make films"
3 months ago
Actually I said more movies, but who care
3 months ago
thanks everyone! Once again
3 months ago
Great render
3 months ago
Just curious, I have the Mecabricks Add-on installed, and I’m hoping to start using the program soon.
I am not that experienced with the program though!
3 months ago
I made a couple of beginner's tutorials to LEGO animations using blender and put them on my channel, if you're interested. Also I know that Owenator Productions has a tutorial series as well. also blender bricks has some good tutorials. Citrine has some helpful livestreams as well if you're wanting to see some advanced techniques.
3 months ago
Love the render and textures. And I love this character!!
Did you use Mecabricks Add-on advanced version to have bevels and surface scratches or did you do it by yourself ?
Congrats ones again.
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