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On the Edge of the Dark sea of Darkness, The Wingfeather Saga
Published 1 month ago
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From the wonderful book, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, Book 1 of the Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. Go read it it's really awesome. I've read a lot of fantasy and I have to say, this is up there with LOTR and Narnia. It's great. GO READ IT!!!

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1 month ago
My dad recommended The Wingfeather Saga to me... It was a great book.
1 month ago
I read the Hobbit and started reading LotR btw. Hey would you like to be a main character for my story?
1 month ago
I'm reading it, I'm reading it! Jk, I absolutely HAVE to pick this up!
1 month ago
lich_bricks, you can say that again! My mum gave me the book a few years ago and I never read it. Reading it now, I must say I wish I'd read it then.

LW, Yes you most definetly do!

j2fam77, I'll go have a look and see.
1 month ago
Okay, once my library reopens I'll check it out! (My library has been closed for SO long, and it'a driving me CRAZY!!)
1 month ago
I know how that feels. My library was closed for three months and it was terrible!
1 month ago
Yeah. I'm homeschooled, so I don't really have that much to do all day, so I mostly read, but without the library, it's just... So bad...
1 month ago
Nice! This is an awesome book series! Have any of you read the Wingfeather tales by any chance?
1 month ago
I haven't read it, but it must be extremely good if you can even put it in the same sentence as LOTR.

btw Bilbo's ring (the one ring to rule them all) is actually in the middle of my new logo
1 month ago
The Pilgrim's Progress is a great choice for reading. I'm in a christian family, so it's actually one of my favorites!
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