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The Champions of Mecabricks!!
Published 3 months ago
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These are the Champions of Mecabricks:

Name: Skyler/j2fam77 - Race: Hylian - Divine Beast: Vah Tetra - Weapon: Enlightener Bow - Art: Skyler's Earthgale: Bends nature (e.g. stone, wind most preferably, plants, etc.) to your will.

Name: Shakin/MOCmaster - Race: Hylian - Divine Beast: ? - Weapon: Crossbow - Art: ?

Name: Kade Mylona/LegoWilderness - Race: Hylian - Divine Beast: Vah Nesha - Weapon: Silvansel Sword - Art: Hail of Arrows: Rains arrows down on the opponent.

Name:?/MrBrick - Race: Hylian - Divine Beast: ? - Weapon: Traveler's Broadsword - Art: ?

Name: Colkipar James/TheSpyderBrick - Race: Hylian - Divine Beast: Vah Zoiye - Weapon: Short Sword - Art: Scythe Spin: Spins a short scythe, killing all enemies in range.

Name: ?/Phantom_Extremis - Race: Hylian - Divine Beast: ? - Weapon: ? - Art: ?

Name: - ?/BrickMaestro - Race: Hylian - Divine Beast: ? - Weapon: ? - Art: ?

Name: ?/Bishop1859 - Race: Unknown - Divine Beast: ? - Weapon: ? - Art: ?

Name: ?/GavGeist650 - Race: Hylian - Divine Beast: ? - Weapon: ? - Art: Blade Pummel: Unleashes a flurry attack on all enemies in range.

Name: ?/1ObSiDiAnFuRy - Race: ? - Divine Beast: ? - Weapon: ? - Art: ?

Name: Reece/BabyYodaiscute - Race: Chitauri - Divine Beast: Vah Good Chitauri -Weapon: Golden Hammer - Art: Water and Air: Bends Water and Air to the user's will.

Just send the link and I'll add you! Enjoy!
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3 months ago
Cool my dude!
You can make my name 'Shakin' (it's a mixture of all my names-3)!
Also my weapon is a crossbow!
I'll have a divine beast soon!
And what do you mean by art?
3 months ago
@CalcMan, Skylar is a boy name. Worth the Google if you ask me.
3 months ago
Um.. I stand corrected..
3 months ago
Maybe I'll make one...maybe...
3 months ago
Divine Beasts, if you wanna know about them, search up "divine beasts", and an art is your special power.
3 months ago
Wait, the Divine beasts have to mechanical?
I made mine look really organic!
3 months ago
Thanks for adding me! Do you think you can pose me with the sword and a bottom tunic like the rest of you have (the same color as the torso)? Thanks!
3 months ago
Where am I in the render?
3 months ago
I'll do one later today... I wasn't even thinking... XD
3 months ago
Awesome render Lw! Looks great! But you forgot Mm!
3 months ago
Thanks MB! I know, I'll have to do another later with 'im. I just plain forgot because I was a bit tired and didn't think... and MM is one of my favorites here, too!
3 months ago
Me, LW and P_E are the blue scarf gang XD
3 months ago
The blue is the crest given only to those who have earned the respect of the royal family.
3 months ago
where is me ???????!!!!!!!
3 months ago
But j2, could you please turn my skirt-thingy back to dark green and turn the shoulder pads blue!
3 months ago
Also, dinopooped you're not here for many reasons one of which is that you haven't made a Champion BotW version of your sig-fig!
3 months ago
Does anyone know how to fix Mecabricks? When I go into workshop the colors and groups on the side are not showing up.
3 months ago
Try adjusting your tab zoom. Go to the upper right of your browser, click the 3 dots, and look down until it says "Zoom", and adjust until the colors show up again.
3 months ago
Thanks for helping but the zoom has nothing to do with it. The thing on the side is just blank
4 weeks ago
lol im just that one guy with the chicken
That's epic dude thx fo adding me in!
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