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TG: Chapter I: The Beginning
Published 3 months ago
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...With a flash of light.

My vision goes white. I hear strange things. I previously had a heart attack; I went straight to the hospital. They pumped electricity in my body to make my heart jump and start beating again. Here's the thing, though: They put too much electricity in my body. I started flashing. The power went out. An explosion. The incident was featured on FOX 5 News. I thought I was dead. "Am I in heaven?" I thought to myself. Then, I started to see something. It looked like a tunnel. I walked through it. At that moment, my life would change forever.

I see lots of random things floating on loads of podiums that go on for miles. I see advertisements, one I couldn't clearly make out, and one for some TV show called "The Neon Ninja". "Huh," I thought, "better check that out once I find out what the heck is going on." Then, I find this guy; his skin is entirely black, he has a square head with the letter M on it, and he has a giant hammer that says "BAN". Didn't know what that was for, but okay.

"Welcome, newcomer," he said gladly, "this is Mecabricks. My name is Scrubs. I am the owner of this place. Any cyberbullying or cursing can get you banned. Please do not be one of those people. First, let's give you a name. What shall we call you?"

I came up with the name TORCHER_GAMES, which was my nickname. "Good," Scrubs said, "Now, you can start on your journey." This was breathtaking. It looked like a future metropolis. There were flying cars that had search bars (I supposed that was to search for one of those random things and it would take you there), lots of other people, and a hotel. "I guess I'll stay there for the night," I said to myself. While looking at these "models", as Scrubs had called them, I accidentally bumped into someone. "Sorry," I said. "It's fine," he responded. He had yellow skin, a face that appeared to be drawn, and headphones. "I don't think I've seen you before," he said, "who are you?". "My name is TORCHER_GAMES," I responded, "I'm new here.". "Well, welcome!" He said with a smile, "My name is ApocalypticBrick. I can give you a tour if you want.". "OK!" I gladly responded.

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3 months ago
I see you're kinda going for a 'Ready Player One' and 'Wreck it Ralph 2' vipes!
3 months ago
Thanks. Yes, I am. (Only thing is, I haven't seen Ready Player One XD)
3 months ago
You're welcome!
XD! You need to watch it, it's really good!
3 months ago
I hope I can one day.

(All I know is that Sonic's in it)
3 months ago
Yes. He appears in some scenes.
3 months ago
Cool! Ready Player One was kinda boring, I only saw until the Shining part. I wouldn't recommend it.
3 months ago
So it’s your story of MB, and fictional bits, noice!
3 months ago
Well done, this story is really well written.

IMO the only thing good about RP1 is the cameos.
3 months ago
Ah yes. The BAN HAMMER. It'll crush your face will one swell swoop.
3 months ago
Ima do a battle with RBC, and ima do a bunch of crap like Go RY, (Respawn Yourself) Jk I wouldn’t do that...
3 months ago
Also I disagree with you all, RP1 was one of the best movies I have seen.
3 months ago
But that's just my opinion.
3 months ago
@Jman To each his own
3 months ago

Yeah Wreck it Ralph was more geared for *younger* children, but they did a decent job.
I can't even watch Ready Player One, it had too much content in it.
3 months ago
Just remember, in one of the earlier scenes of RP1 they decided to have freaking Freddy Krueger in the PvP arena XD
3 months ago
@ApoacalypticBrick You're not really missing anything, at least in my opinion.
3 months ago
by TG
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